Monday, February 20, 2006

Some thangs

There are some things that all Black People need to know. Why? Because they are a part of our history and because they are a part of our future. This is going to be a long post so get ready!

Here is some history. Check out this story. Black Wallstreet.

I went to the Pan African Film Festival yesterday here in Los Angeles to see a movie called That's My Face (É Minha Cara). A mythopoetic odyssey filmed in the U.S., East Africa and Brazil explores identity and spirituality across three generations of an African-American family while exploring the cultural yearning of the diasporic search for a mythic motherland beyond the political movements and into the spiritual realm. At least that was my intention.

Instead I saw Miles From Home. I had no idea what the movie was about, a friend told me that it was good and I trusted his judgement so that's what we saw. Megan Goode was in it so that drew me to it as well. I'll let you read the synopsis on PAAF's website but it will not even come close to drawing a true picture of this film for you. Actually, if I had read this I probably wouldn't have gone to see it. It was sort of an artsy film. However, the message in this film was very clear. We are loosing are youth. Loosing it to many things. One of those things that smacked you in the face by the end of the movie was AIDS. I know no one likes to talk about "the letters" but it's not going to go away like that and it doesn't make one less likely of getting it by not talking about it either. If you go to any of the film festivals in your area. Check this one out! Request it if you can.

Well that wasn't the end of my day of course...I saw that movie at 11am. I then walked over to the art show in the Baldwin Hills Mall. If you didn't know, the Pan African Film Festival is held in the Magic Johnson Theaters right accross the parking lot from the mall. There were some beautiful pieces of artwork in that place that I was soooo tempted to purchase. I kinda restrain myself sometimes when it comes to spending big bucks. But these are the 2 artists works that spoke to me the most: Manuelita Brown and Derrick Dzine, Check them out. Here are some pieces from their collections.

Manuelita Brown's media of choice is bronze. The piece below is called America's Son and she describes it thusly: In the cut and curve of his flesh is the rape by the white slave master, the mating with Native Americans, and the heritage from generations of African ancestors. In his eye is the vision of our future. In his imagination is the solution we seek. It is in keeping hope and the expectation of greatness reflected in the face of America's son and his brothers that the survival of America rests.

Derrick Dzine writes inspirational words on his paintings. There was one line that I wanted to remember and post it here but as age is a terrible jokester I forgot..All I can remember is that the line began. I'm like an athelete with bad feet, the oil...canvas. See age is cruel!!! Anyway here one of his pieces. He also does some paintings on steel that are phenominal!
So after the art festival I went to a reception at a friends house for the writer and director of That's My Face. Nice guy from New York. He talked to us about the making of his film and allowed us all to ask questions. Everyone was really enjoying it until. Yes until...someone from Oakland, Ca had a little too much to drink. He appeared as if he had a question too. His question was: So how much longer is this going to go on? This is getting riduculous. Everybody was silent and some jaws dropped as the host of the party dragged his drunk ass to the back of the house and out the back door. Yes out the motha fukin doh! Dumb ass. Anyway we continued with 2 more questions and the mood and the spirit of the early evening was lost. Soon after every one was departing in different directions.

Many from this event headed to see Sheryl Lee Ralph in her one woman show: Sometimes I Cry. Now yall may think many things about her. Trust me this is one talented woman. This show was very emotional on many levels. What she did in this show was depict the lives of several black woman who have contracted HIV/AIDS. Powerful! If you have any influence in your cities, I suggest you contact her via her website to try to book her. You will not be disappointed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post.

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Terrence said...

It seems like there were some good film options to consider out there.

Both films, but especially "Miles From Home" sounds like a good and timely film. Thanks for the heads up on that cinema.

I agree too that Sheryl Lee Ralph is a good actress. Never seen her in a play though.

Anyway, it sounds like a good time was had by all until.....LOL! Don't you just love that kind of stuff?