Friday, December 22, 2006

The picture in my mind.

This picture describes how I'm feeling.

Happy Holidays

I never really feel the holidays because I hate shopping when told it's time to shop. Hence, my not having bought 1 xmas gift yet. However, I am starting to feel the spirit of the season and want to wish all a Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Law of Attraction

I was given a gift of a DVD by a very good girlfriend of mine. She gave me this gift for my birthday, which was in August. I had not looked at the DVD until today. The name of the DVD is called The Secret. She told me that I probably wouldn't be able to watch it all at one time and not to worry about that. She was right I wasn't able to watch it all at one time. I need to let it marinate. I really want to enforce the ideas of this DVD into my life.

What the DVD talks about is the Law of Attraction. It's the idea that the things you think about are the things that you attract to yourself and that you can attract anything that you want. Simple as that. I do believe wholeheartedly in visualization and the DVD talks about that as well.

I wanted to share a little of it with you all in hopes that it will cause a change in the Black Community to be more prosperous and positive. Here are just a couple of things the DVD says to do:

1. Make a list of all the things you have that you are grateful for. The things that you think about are the things that come about in your life. It's funny that I am viewing this DVD now because the post that I made about my car was a direct result of what I had been thinking. I had been thinking and thinking and thinking about a new car. But I wasn't really making any moves towards it just thinking about it. And the universe or God made it happen for me.

Everyday we should think about the things that we are grateful for. That helps us to remain positive in our thinking and postive things happen to us.

2. Visualize then you materialize. Visualize the things you want in your life and feel the joy of having those things. If it's a new car. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the car driving and and experience how you will feel.

The other most important thing that I got so far from the DVD was this. The how's of making something happen are the domain of the universe or God.

I'm excited about this because this is going to be the beginning of a good year for us all. Simply because you read what I had to say and you will see that it is true. We all know that God only wants good for us. Then we should be grateful and thankful for the things he has provided and realize that by being positive our gifts for love, wealth, and health are already provided.

I'm visualizing a strong Black community that is unified in it's commitment to each other.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Unsure of the Value

I'm sitting in my office at home checking email when I hear in the background a movie that is starting to sound interesting. So I turn around and am instantly drawn into it. After watching it for awhile I think, "Is this that movie about 911?"

Well to quench my curiousity I click the info button on my remote, and low and behold it is. Flight 93.

When that movie came to the theaters I decided not to watch it. The drama of the movie pulled me in but when I realized what it was I changed the channel.

I just do not want to be desensitized to such a horrific event that touched so many lives.

I don't understand the value of making a film about this event. I especially didn't understand it so soon after the occurrance. Am I being too sensitive?

Friday, December 15, 2006

Risks = Fear

It's strange for me to be writing a post on this topic. I am not one that easily takes a risk. Due to fear of course.

But I had a conversation with myself the Friday after Thanksgiving and told myself that it was time to stop being afraid. God will not put more on me than I can bare. I am witness to that for sure. He has never let me down and that is why I pray and thank him daily.

I was driving the same car since 1993 a Mercury Capri. NO they don't make them anymore! sigh. It has been time for me to get a new car for quite awhile. I just was afraid. Afraid that something would happen at my job that we cause me to be jobless and then not be able to pay the car note or my mortgage. Well that wasn't God talking to me. I think God had enough of me and my fear and I was in an accident the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Hit by a guy backing out of a driveway not paying attention and backed right into my passenger door. Huge dent in the door and shattered glass everywhere. Well if that wasn't bad enough. This fool had no insurance, license nor was he an american citizen. Something told me to call the police. But I didn't. I wouldn't get anything for my car and the hassle of dealing with this illegal immigrant was not something I wanted to fill my life with.

(This was my car except it was silver and included dings, scratches and a dent. The last dent was the last straw. I was not about to drive around town with with a big dent in the door and plastic on my window!)

Then I finally listened to what God was telling me and what he tells us all. I will not put more on you than you can bare. So I decided to finally get the car that I wanted. And I feel fine about it because I know that I will be all right!

I will also be taking more risks in my life and making things happen. I know I said something similiar to this awile ago but I mean it and I'm doing it.

I'm saying all this to you so that you know that anything that you want you can have. It is yours for the taking. Do not be afraid. Once you take that 1st step, the fear is gone and you wonder....What the hell was I afraid of.

Take a Risk..I did and I'm doing fine!!!