Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh Happy Day and What Cha Gonna Do For Me

Oh Happy Day!!!!

A couple of weeks ago I had a colonoscopy and polyps were found.  Just 2.

When polyps are found, they are removed and then perform a biopsy to check for cancer.  I am soo happy to say that no cancer was found.

Not only am I happy because I don't have cancer!  I'm happy because I don't think I could take an additional piece of news that is not favorable at this time in my life.

Now I'm happy in my relationship but work life has been anything but happiness for me.

Last week an announcement was made to our department that there would be restructuring of our organization.  Now everybody knows what that means.  Yep!  Layoffs!

We were told that once we left the department meeting that we would have an invitation to a meeting with our management that would tell us what the new organization would be.

Sure enough as soon as we got back to our desks there were meeting appointments.  I always look to see who else is invited to meetings that are sent to me.  Low and behold there were only about 10 people on my list.  I went to the meeting in one of our conference rooms on a different floor from where I sit.

When walking into the room what I observed was the following:

  • 2 other employees already seated in the u-shaped set up conference room
  • Boxes of kleenex on the table
  • An HR representative on the left side of the room
  • Our VP at the front of the U-shaped table set up sitting on the desk with a piece of paper in his hand.
Nothing was said to us except "Hello".   Then the VP announced that we would get started in a few more minutes while those dialing into the meeting phoned in.  (Can't believe they did this by phone.)  Anyway, the VP announced that he wanted to read a statement because he felt it was very important that he didn't miss anything and that we heard al the details.  I'm thinking to myself do you think we don't know what this is about simply because of the boxes of kleenex on the table dumb ass??

Can't remember exactly how it was read, but ultimately the message was that we will not be a part of the new organization and that we have a sheet with another appointment on it so that HR can explain to you what your severance package will be commencing in 2 months.

I'm riddled with multiple emotions…none of which involve tears.  I'm happy and scared.  Happy because I've been so disgusted by the direction of the company and my group.  Scared because I am unsure of what the future holds for me.  The hardest part of this whole thing is the amount of work that they are asking me to do to support the efforts of outsourcing my job to …yes you guessed it…to a company in India!  So I'm asking the universe..

What Cha Gonna Do For Me?????