Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is the teaser for the show Flavor of Love for today's show: Three girls are left! Things are getting serious so Flav decides it's time to meet the ladies' parents. He flies all the parents into town and takes them out for a meal and an activity he thinks their mothers and/or fathers might enjoy. From mani/pedies to tennis, Flav is out to impress. Hopefully for the girls, their parents will be on their best behavior as well, because after all the old folks have left, one of the girls is going to be sent home. This episode ends with one of the most bitter, brutal and trashy eliminations ever.

Things heated up on the show today. I know this is a crazy reality show, but I just can't stop watching it. These women are out of their minds! The show got real heated today. Hence the title of my blog today.

Spit - Silava that is ejected from one's mouth with high velocity.

That white girl Pumpkin spit right in New York's face!!! Now that was not funny at all. That's happpened to me before. I was at a party at a friends and we decided to go to the corner grocery store for some more ice. While we are standing in line this White boy was behind us mumbling. I have no idea what he was saying and really wasn't paying him any attention. The line was real long and we were trying to hurry back to the party. So the liguor department cashier opened up so we ran to that register to beat it outta there. Well this White boy comes running over there too and pushes his way in front of me and says I'm first. What the Eff!!! What's wrong with you I got here first I said as I pushed his ass right to the back of the line. We paid for our ice and were walking past the newly formed line in the liquor dept and this mofo spits on the back of my neck.

I froze for a min...Just like New York did...I just couldn't believe it. Less then 2 seconds later my senses were back with me and I turned around, saying my favorite words. Mutha Fukah and proceeded to punch his ass right in the mouth knocking him into one of the aisles. Then the cashier asks me if I wanted to call the police because he saw the whole thing. I said hell yes. So we waited for the police to get there. Once they arrived the policewoman tells me that what he did was assault and that I could press charges. She also told me that since I hit him, he could file charges against me as well. Then she said, if I was you I wouldn't file charges. But I would have done the same thing as you, tried to knock him the fuk out. There was no way in hell that I was going to jail so I had to leave with the satisfaction that I knocked that mutha fukah one good time! The police were goin to drive the boy home. Well I be damned, the bastard lived in the same building where my friend was having his party. I was done for the evening.

Anyway, back to New York, after she recovered from the shock of the projection. Ole Pumpkin thought she was going to just walk away free and clear, vindicated from all the craziness of New York. Oh hell to the naw, Pumpkin. New York tried to grab the bitch by the hair and when she couldn't get it pushed her in the back and said I will fuk you up. They pulled New York back and rushed Pumpkin out of the house, cuz things were bout to get even uglier. New York wanted to go outside and whop her ass forgetting for a min all about not being given her clock yet.

Too bad she pushed her, although you know I don't blame her. She could have sent that ho to jail and got some money outta VH1. So I guess she's just going to stay her crazy ass on the show and try to win Flava Flav. Lawd today! Oh yeah, that Pumpkin must have really had some funky ass breath for New York to say she could smell it in her spit! DAYUM!!!

It was one of the best episodes on the entire show. New York's mother is not having her crazy daughter hook up with Flav. You could tell that by the number of times that she said never ever ever ever ever ever ever are you going to marry that boy. I can kinda see why New York has some problems...her mama is one controlling so and so. And Hoops...her mama is a ho, tryin to steal her boyfriends! Dayum and she was tryin to get at Flava Flav too. Just too funny the whole thing...and oh so sad.

The show has no redeeming elements to it at all. I just can't stay away from a good cat fight though.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Aren't Black men beautiful?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Country Boys are the Best Kind of Boys to Have

That’s what you think. However, I digress; you will understand why they are possibly not the best boys to have. No offense to you southern gentlemen ...I'm talking about a real country boy.

The festivities of July 4th Gay Pride in Los Angeles and a good friend visiting for the weekend were enough to keep me physically and emotionally pumped up. There was confidence in my walk, my talk and my eyes. Al and I planned to go to all of the events this year.

The 1st of the events was the ATB Banquet, where the attire was semi-formal. It’s a shame that there are so many Angelinos that just do not know what that means. Multiple people appeared at the door in linen pants and summer shirts of different styles and colors. However, inappropriate the dress of its attendees, the event was a success and there were many beautiful men at the banquet and even more lingering around the hotel lobby.

There was only one man I was interested in that night and that was Don from Detroit. He actually was not attending the banquet but was walking around looking for someone he had met earlier that day to escort him to meet the performer of the night, Jenifer Lewis.

Don was a little lost looking for the banquet room and with my new found confidence, I asked making sure that I gave him all of the elegance and class of a well trained aristocrat, “You seem a little lost is there anyway that I can assist you?”

With teeth as white as pearls newly excavated from their resting place, He said, “That’s very nice of you to ask. Would you please show me where people from the Banquet will be meeting Jenifer Lewis after her show?”

“I’d be happy to”, I sung.

As I began leading Don to the location, he grabbed my arm and said, “You are certainly a handsome man.”

“Thank you, I think you’re handsome as well.” I replied.

So as not to get into the story of Don from Detroit, since he is definitely not a country boy, let’s head to the meat of this tale.

The next day was the annual Pool Party, this year to be held in Ladera. Off we went, for more fun and boys. As we parked the car and began walking down the hill to the house where the party was being held, Al turns to me and says, “There’s your friend”.

As low as Al speaks sometimes I didn’t even hear him and walked right by Don who was sitting in his date from the previous night’s car. Startled I turned and said “Hey I didn’t even see you!”
We chatted for a moment and he whispered in my ear that he had wished he had come to the pool party with me. His friend was now closing the door to the car to leave and I bid them both adieu.

Suddenly Al and I were vacuumed in to a plethora of men. The party was really jumping. People were in the pool, dancing, drinking, eating and socializing. After being at the pool party for some time and socializing I found myself standing alone contemplating what would make some men walk out of the house in some of the outfits that they wore looking as if they just stepped off of a Paris runway in an alley.

I turned to the side because I felt a presence near me. It was a good looking man about 5’10 175lbs slightly muscular but by far a gym rat. He said hello as I looked in his big doe like eyes. I responded with a hello and a demure smile. I was distracted by the commotion of a queen bustling by my side and turned away briefly. When I turned back to my surprise the bronze figure had vanished into the mass of legs, ass, chest and way too much skin for some.

I continued on with my group and enjoyed the rest of the pool party until it was time to leave to get ready for the Catch One’s July 4th night. It was a very disappointing turn out for the Catch one on this night. With Klymaxx attempting to revive their career from the early 90’s no one was impressed and barely present. I was almost tempted to walk the club and count the number of people that had attended this night. It would not have been difficult to do this night.

As the club began to bore me as it usually does I decided to look for visual entertainment by watching people dance. I leaned against the bar on the dance floor with a Diet Coke in my hand and wishing it was still legal to smoke in public places in California. I leaned against the middle of the bar and again felt this presence to my right. About three feet from me at the end of the bar was this bronze man. I thought he was attractive but it’s not my style to stare and my self inflicted lack of confidence would not allow me to approach him. I had regressed to my normal attitude of thinking most men would not be interested in me. Moments later this bronze figure approached me and said you were at the Pool Party today weren’t you. I said, “Yes I was, you saw me there?” His response was affirmative to which I question, “Well why didn’t you speak to me there?”

His quick reply was, “I did”. Then I realized who this bronze figure was when I again looked into his eyes. He was the Bronze Doe-eyed man. After I offered my apologies for not remembering him instantly we chatted awhile. His behavior seemed a little strange as if he too was on a date. When I asked him to confirm this he informed me that he was in fact not on a date but just with some friends.

Through my conversations with him I found out that his name is Benn, and he’s from Natches, Mississippi only arriving in Los Angeles 7 months ago. After more idle conversation and Benn’s need to keep checking with his friends we decided to exchange telephone numbers in the manner that most people do in the Millennium, using our cell phones. Before we departed each others company Benn made it clear to me that he wanted to spend next weekend with me. Shocked by his request, I said, “You do?”

Quickly he replied, “Yeah I do.”

Pondering his request and not wanting to be perceived as a readily available concubine, I retorted, “Will discuss that later.”

Later came and so did the weekend where I picked up this Country boy with an ass like two basketballs in an equipment bag. Lust consumed me as I was ready to devour this 26 year old Virgo from Mississippi. Benn had some very child like qualities displaying a shyness that caused him to look down at the floor and smile whenever I looked at him.

“This is going to be fun!” I thought. As soon as we walked into my home we began kissing to consummate the welcoming to each others lives. The rest of this weekend would not be fitting to discuss in this forum as it would border on pornography so the details of our first physical encounter will now be halted.

After the weekend of course I had to discuss my meeting with friends. The most prevalent comment was, “You’re lucky, Country Boys are the best kind of boys to have. Gushing I felt like I had just hit the lottery and after a respectable amount of time to get to know this southern gentleman would eventually live happily ever after.

Benn and I spoke with each other daily after our weekend of rapture. Due to his heavy southern accent and suspected speech impediment that I’m too unfamiliar with to name, it was sometimes difficult for me to hear or understand what mister man was attempting to communicate. After multiple requests for him to reiterate I usually would get the gist of his statements.

As 2 weekends past we began to enjoy one another’s company more. I was pretty comfortable with him even though he was lacking in the sophistication department. With that in mind I felt like I could still manage to spend some time with this brotha. After all he had displayed nothing but sweetness and genuine affection towards me.

This brings me to our 3rd weekend together. As I was leaving work on Friday after an absolutely dreadful week of witnessing intensified corporate jargon, lobbying, disrespect and plain ole ass kissing, my cell phone rings. I look at the display on my cell and it is Benn. I answered the phone as I mustered up the most pleasant voice I could find left in my body. On the receiving end of the call I heard much stactic and Benn’s garbled voice saying, “Hel hel hallo this is Benn. I was callin tah let you know I’m on 3rd and Broadway. I was coming tah see you.”

Fire filled my throat to fuel the explosion that was in countdown mode in my head and rapidly rushing to my lips. Remember the sweet simple country boy I was dealing with I extinguished the fire in my throat and thwarted the explosion and queried, “Benn did we talk about us seeing each other today?”

“Uh uh I jus wonted to spen some time wit you cuz you said dat we needed to spen more time gittin to know one each otha.”

“Benn I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I said exasperated.

He has no clue that getting to know each other to folks in the city is not interpreted to mean, I have to be with you at every waking moment and everyday.

“O oh okay baby”, he replied unaware of my frustration or ignoring it. I’m not sure which.

As I approached the very congested downtown area I called Benn to find out his exact location. In a style that I would soon find out was his normal behavior, his reply was less informative than I required.

“Do you wan me tah uh start walkin up Broadway?” he interjected.

“No, I’m coming down 3rd, what side of the street are you on?” I blurted.

“I kin walk up Broadway if that’ll make it easy fah you”, he said as I was quickly approaching Broadway and still didn’t know which side of the street he was on.

So as not to dredge on with this foolhardy conversation between Benn and I, I finally picked him up with a very ominous looking and heavy bag in tow. Of course after circling the block a couple of times because he would not stay on one side of the street. This bag indicated to me that his intention was again to spend the weekend with me.

Even though I like Benn I was not going to allow him to force his way into my life before I really got to know him. Therefore, I thought that it was imperative that I broach this discussion with him. Granted I’m sure I could have found a better approach but the fire was in my throat once again, this time hotter than the last. “I see you brought your bag with you were you planning on spending the weekend with me again?” I inquired.

“Well uh yeah, but I don’t wanna bover you so if you don want me heah you kin take me home”, he said defensively.

Can you say fuming! “Wait a minute Benn, this has nothing to do with whether you are bothering me or not. This has to do with you not respecting me and you taking liberties with my time. I just got off of work and before I even get home to take a shit you have called me and asked me to pick you up from downtown during rush hour traffic. We did not discuss you coming over here for the weekend. I think it is presumptuous of you to think that I did not have any other plans. I’m not saying that you are bothering me, however, you should talk to me about your intentions before you assume that I’m going to be ok with a decision that you’ve made all by yourself.

At this point Benn pouted,” My best frien says I’m too nice errbody say dat I’m too nice. I just don wanna be a bova to nobody. It seem lak people jus wanna be treated bad.”

“Ok Benn, you being nice or not has nothing to do with what I’m saying. Do you understand what I’m saying to you about respecting my time and space?”, I recounted.

At this point Benn simply shut his eyes real tight and said nothing. We got to the house and that’s when it hit me. He had told me that he had not really made any friends in L.A., and the people that he had met all wanted to sleep with him. Also, upon his arrival to L.A. he found himself in a relationship with an older man. I mean like fifty something, and not in the early fifties!

I approached him with my new found revelation, “Benn I think that the reason that you are wanting to spend as much time as you do with me so early in our friendship is because I am really the only friend that you have here. Also, you don’t really have anything to do when you are not working.”

Oh God! That’s the other thing, since I met him I found out that he worked at Home Depot as a Forklift Driver. Now I have nothing against Forklift drivers, he’s making an honest living after all. However, everyday our conversations and throughout most of them as well, the content consisted of the daily episodic goings on of Home Depot Monrovia, either that or what B horror movie he watched today or likes. I will spare you from the details of these conversations as they will only incite you to click the X in the top corner of this document.

I then asked him, “Is that how you feel? You can tell me. Get if off your chest, I know I said a lot to you, how do you feel?”

Still no comment but again the eyes closed, and closed tight.

“Benn, why are you closing your eyes? Why can’t you look at me? Let me know what you’re feeling? Just get it off your chest.”

Moments later and still no words escaped from his lips, but suddenly he brushes his chest. In my opinion this was to jovially indicate getting something off his chest.

I was offended and let him know with the full force of the explosion that had be heating up inside me since his intrusive visit occurred.

“I can’t believe that you are mocking me like that. What the fuck is your problem? I’m sitting here talking to you seriously and expressing my concern about our relationship as you sit there like a 7 year old not saying a motha fucking thing like you’re feelings are hurt. And on top of it all, you make a mockery of what I’m saying,” I roared.

“No, no, no, dere was some lint on mah shirt from when I grabbed at my cell phone and I was just brushin it off. I always do dat.,” he pleaded.

Immediately I attacked, “You must think that I’m a stupid motha fuckah and if you think I’m going to stand here in my own house while you make me seem like an ass you got another thing coming.”

No, no baby you got it wrong I always do dat.,” he pleaded once again.

I stood up to walk away from this infuriating situation, when he grabbed my arm to pull me back. To this I snatched away from him at the same time yelling, “Take your mother fuckin hands off of me!”

His face began to contort and mouth moved as if some invisible force was molding it in an askew fashion and looked as if he was about to say something, or was he about to burst into laughter. I had difficulty discerning.

I didn’t know what to make of all of this including my own outburst. I contained myself and offered to him, “I know it must be hard for you moving from as far away as you have to here not knowing anyone. But you can’t expect me to be everything to you. I have a life and friends here and just because you are in my life now I’m not going to put my whole world on hold.” Continuing my efforts to repair this situation I offered to drop the whole conversation.

At this point we both were getting hungry as the evening was approaching its midpoint. A meal is always a good way to relax individuals, so off to eat we went. This was the first time that I noticed the infantile manner in which he grabbed his fork like he was making a fist and feverishly attempting to saw at the tender meat on his plate as if he was sawing wood without the skills necessary to make a cut. I was angst to come to his rescue. After all, if we were going to be together we would definitely be attending a banquet or dinner where the proper use of eating utensils would be essential.

After showing this Southern Gentleman the art of using a knife and fork, he immediately went back to fumbling with his tools. To which he informed, “I usually just pick up my meat with my hands and don’t use a knife.” Oh yes I have experienced this barbaric manner of him feeding himself at none other than the Cheesecake Factory, Pasadena. Not that the Cheesecake Factory is the most elegant of dinning facilities, however the pasta consumption that I witnessed there was enough to make me scream. To give you a picture of that event, you will have had to seen the famous Disney cartoon Lady and the Tramps, spaghetti eating scene, however the lady and the tramp were able to suck long strands of pasta with out the sauce splattering over their faces and my shirt. Cute you might be saying to yourself, maybe not when the first large bit of pasta and shrimp in his mouth had not been chewed enough for swallowing before another large portion entered his orifice. One might think that this would have been uncomfortable for the consumer to hold so much food in their mouth. Ah, my dear friend, not for Benn, as he would hold that first portion in the cheeks of his mouth like a chipmunk to accommodate not just one more fork full but two. One forkful for this left and right cheeks and a 3rd hefty helping to chew while he held the awaiting morsels for the next forkful.

Now I could go on and on about Benn’s southern “appeal”, his eating habits, indecisiveness, martyr like comments and continual itsy bitsy lies. However, I will spare you the multiple sighs that would flee from your body effortlessly.

The saga of “Country Boys Are the Best Kind of Boys to Have” continues with an increased number of uncontainable explosions. As his sex has become like a jellyfish on a Las Vegas sidewalk, attempting to enjoy the offerings of this southern gentleman are replicating that same scenario. Soon that jellyfish will disintegrate until no one will even remember it was there.

Not very long after my thing with the country boy was over. My patience was really bad with him and that is not a good thing and no matter what, no one deserves to be yelled at constantly. Even if they aren' t trying to do anything to educate themselves.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Some thangs

There are some things that all Black People need to know. Why? Because they are a part of our history and because they are a part of our future. This is going to be a long post so get ready!

Here is some history. Check out this story. Black Wallstreet.

I went to the Pan African Film Festival yesterday here in Los Angeles to see a movie called That's My Face (É Minha Cara). A mythopoetic odyssey filmed in the U.S., East Africa and Brazil explores identity and spirituality across three generations of an African-American family while exploring the cultural yearning of the diasporic search for a mythic motherland beyond the political movements and into the spiritual realm. At least that was my intention.

Instead I saw Miles From Home. I had no idea what the movie was about, a friend told me that it was good and I trusted his judgement so that's what we saw. Megan Goode was in it so that drew me to it as well. I'll let you read the synopsis on PAAF's website but it will not even come close to drawing a true picture of this film for you. Actually, if I had read this I probably wouldn't have gone to see it. It was sort of an artsy film. However, the message in this film was very clear. We are loosing are youth. Loosing it to many things. One of those things that smacked you in the face by the end of the movie was AIDS. I know no one likes to talk about "the letters" but it's not going to go away like that and it doesn't make one less likely of getting it by not talking about it either. If you go to any of the film festivals in your area. Check this one out! Request it if you can.

Well that wasn't the end of my day of course...I saw that movie at 11am. I then walked over to the art show in the Baldwin Hills Mall. If you didn't know, the Pan African Film Festival is held in the Magic Johnson Theaters right accross the parking lot from the mall. There were some beautiful pieces of artwork in that place that I was soooo tempted to purchase. I kinda restrain myself sometimes when it comes to spending big bucks. But these are the 2 artists works that spoke to me the most: Manuelita Brown and Derrick Dzine, Check them out. Here are some pieces from their collections.

Manuelita Brown's media of choice is bronze. The piece below is called America's Son and she describes it thusly: In the cut and curve of his flesh is the rape by the white slave master, the mating with Native Americans, and the heritage from generations of African ancestors. In his eye is the vision of our future. In his imagination is the solution we seek. It is in keeping hope and the expectation of greatness reflected in the face of America's son and his brothers that the survival of America rests.

Derrick Dzine writes inspirational words on his paintings. There was one line that I wanted to remember and post it here but as age is a terrible jokester I forgot..All I can remember is that the line began. I'm like an athelete with bad feet, the oil...canvas. See age is cruel!!! Anyway here one of his pieces. He also does some paintings on steel that are phenominal!
So after the art festival I went to a reception at a friends house for the writer and director of That's My Face. Nice guy from New York. He talked to us about the making of his film and allowed us all to ask questions. Everyone was really enjoying it until. Yes until...someone from Oakland, Ca had a little too much to drink. He appeared as if he had a question too. His question was: So how much longer is this going to go on? This is getting riduculous. Everybody was silent and some jaws dropped as the host of the party dragged his drunk ass to the back of the house and out the back door. Yes out the motha fukin doh! Dumb ass. Anyway we continued with 2 more questions and the mood and the spirit of the early evening was lost. Soon after every one was departing in different directions.

Many from this event headed to see Sheryl Lee Ralph in her one woman show: Sometimes I Cry. Now yall may think many things about her. Trust me this is one talented woman. This show was very emotional on many levels. What she did in this show was depict the lives of several black woman who have contracted HIV/AIDS. Powerful! If you have any influence in your cities, I suggest you contact her via her website to try to book her. You will not be disappointed.

Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Funny Friday

I can't be all heavy everyday. Keep laughing it keeps you looking young!

You might have to paste this into your webbrowser.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Help me through it.

Marz, this is going to be one of my black power posts as you called it one time when we spoke. LOL

Why don't I get satisfaction out of my ability to see the big picture and communicate it to "them" at my company? There have been several times that I have given insight on a particular area of our business early on in many projects that occur. Almost every single time that I've done this I have received blank stares from "them" and then they move on with the conversation as if I never said a word? (Damaging to your spirit)

Then several months to a year later, one of "them" will bring up the very thing that I mentioned months prior. Now this is when all of "them" practically pat each other on the back handing out accolades and such over a concept that they heard months from me.

Is it my presentation?
Is it my breath?
Do I have a speech impediment?
Do I smell?

The answer to those questions is "Hell to the Naw". The true anser I believe is, they are just not trying to hear you. "They" don't see you or hear you.

Help me through this. What do you do to stay sane?

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


- Bold everything about you that is true. - Leave in regular font anything that is false about you. - Put in italics false statements you WANT to be true.
I have had sex while wearing a blindfold.
I have blindfolded someone else during sex.

I have had sex while watching porn.
I sleep better after sex.

There are some nights I can not sleep without sex or masturbating.
The bed is not my favorite place to have sex.
I am turned on knowing someone is watching me have sex.
I have masturbated for someone over a web cam.
I have had sex over a web cam.
I will have sex with someone I just met if they turn me on.
I have been tied up during sex.
I have had sex with someone who was tied up.
I have dripped wax onto a lover's body.
I have had a lover drip wax onto my body.
I have a foot fetish
I have a leather fetish.
I have a tickle fetish.
I have had sex in an abandoned building.(It was actually a deserted private airport)
I enjoy nude magazines.
I have clicked on Porn links in my e-mail.
I have watch more than one adult rated movie.
Much of what I know about sex comes from porn.
My current lover does not sufficiently meet my sexual needs.
I currently have a crush on someone of the same sex.
I have had sex at my place of employment. (a looooong time ago)
I am often disappointed in my sexual relationships.
Some people might describe me as a nymphomaniac.
I am difficult to live with if I am not having sex on a regular basis.
I sleep better with someone snuggled up next to me.
I have had sex under water.
I have had sex in the snow.
I am in a polyandrous relationship.
I have to have music playing while having sex.
"I have had more than ten orgasms in one night."
I have flashed strangers.
Interracial sex turns me on.
I have set-up a three-way for my lover.
I have given sex as a gift.
I have sex in the steam room.
I have had sex on my moms good sofa and coffee table.
I have sex in the club parking lot and it was croweded!
I have watched people have sex in a leather levi joint
I have watched people have sex in a leather club.
I have given charity sex
I like my face sat on, while u Bleeping me....
I'd rather have sex without a condom if it was safe.
I was caught having sexy by a lover present or in the past
I have caught my lover having sex, present or in the past
I prefer sex over intimacy
I prefer intimacy over sex
I have had sex with someone who's name I don't remember now
I have said I love you just to have sex

What about you?

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Changes Again

My company is making some more organizational changes. Sometimes I think they do this merely to scare employees to thinking they will loose their jobs compelling them to work harder and longer hours. Well this time you know what...I don't give a fuk. Do what you will. Now I'm not trying to talk my separation from the company into existence. I like getting that regular pay check and paying my mortgage and buying whatever else I need and want.

However, I'm not afraid of it anymore. I have options. In fact if something like that did happen that would give me the push to move to sell my house, move to another state, pay cash for a new house and then figur eout things from there.

So look here corporate don't scare me anymore!

I know I keep talking about this stuff all the time but I think it's my way of preparing myself mentally for something new in the future. I know it's going to happen. When I'm not sure. I just feel it. You ever get that feeling? Well remember it because when the time comes that something does happen. You should be ready to deal with it in a quickness. Even if you don't have an idea about what you will do next. Just start thinking about what you might want to do next. At least your mind will be out of that state of "Oh My God" what if I loose my job!!!!

Well if you are calling it a job than it is not something that you love anyway who'll do better doing something else. Or the thing that you know you should have been doing all along but were either afraid or your conversations about it with others were doused with obstacles. Keep thinking.

I want all my brothas and sistahs to be ready for what's next mentally.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Have you ever been soo tired that you don't even know what to do with yourself except just sit still. Well that's where I am right now.

Sitting still.

I was going to write about all the things that I've been doing but, after typing about 4 paragraphs, I said oh hell no that would be boring as you know what! And I got tired of what the I was even writing. Here's a list of somethings though.

1. Testing New System at work
2. Preparing to train 400 sales people. (They are gonna wear me out for 3 weeks in March)
3. Executing a Black History Month Celebration for my company which included:
* Creating Invitations
* Creatng Flyers for each desk in the company (approx 1500)
* Purchasing raffle prizes
* Organizing a luncheon for the executives, our speaker, and other Black Employees.
4. Helpinig to organize a Fundraiser.
* Creating Invitations
* Creating Appreciation Certificates
* Assisting the Fundraisers with compiling the program (he calls 2 and 3 times a day with questions)
5. Creating an Employee handbook for a guy that owns a gym. (he wants it by Wednesday)

I think I'm going to be tired until the End of April ...Lord help me!

Ok art always brings me joy so here's some joy to share with you.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Dave Chappelle

I wasn't going to post anything about the Dave Chappelle interview with Oprah. However, after reading different posts about it, I had to bring up this story that I found. I'm not sure if someone sent it to me or I found it on my own. Just interesting reading cuz that interview was a little weird to me. Just weird. Take a look at this and let me know what you think.

The Chappelle Theory

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Supporting Our Own

I know that there are so many people doing things to make money for themselves. I believe that there are just a few things that hinder us from becoming as big or influential as we should be. That is support from our own. You might not hear this statement that much these days, but I think it still lingers in the backs of our minds. That statement is, "If it ain't white it ain't right".

Well I got news for you that statement is soooo very wrong. Think about the things that you do. Not only is what you do probably more right than anything similiarly done by some whites, it's probably better. The difference is that those white things are supported. Also, everything we do is not about making money. Sometimes it's about uplifting ourselves and those around us.

I'm putting this out there because it is time that we started supporting each other. We have to stop being those crabs in a bucket always trying to pull the other one down to get to the top. If we stood on the shoulders of each other and pull each other up, there's no telling the heights that we would go.

All of this brings me to the reason for my post today. It is the Herndon Davis Reports. Herndon Davis is having a fundraiser on Sunday, February 12, 2006 at I-Candy here in Los Angeles. You can read about the purpose of this fundraiser on Herndon's website.

However, if we do not support this fundraiser we will be hindering our ability, from once again being the image that we as Gay & Lesbian Black people have of ourselves. The Herndon Davis Reports is a talk show that talks to us and is about us. This show is a means for all of those individuals who do not live in the big cities and for those that do, to be inspired and educated. The most important thing about this show is it is an opportunity to be heard in our own voices with our own faces. Not the voice or face of the mainstream media.

Remember my post on GLBT Television. You and I can make it happen.

Please check out Herndon's website for details on this event and show your support by attending or donating. Please RSVP! It's rude when you get an invitation and don't respond. RSVP means Respondez Si'vous Plait. (Very loosely translated - Let me know if you comin or not dammit, so we have enough food for yall to eat.)

If you can't make it to the event and still want to help with this self produced and funded project contact Herndon on how you can do just that. Remember donations do not always mean you have to come out of your pocket with money. You might have some information or a resource that would be helpful.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Intellectual Sex

I want some sex. Some intellectual sex. Think about it.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Black History Month Begins


Does that mean anything to you? Should it? Are you too young to understand the struggles of Black people? Are the struggles just too foreign?

Well I say it should mean something to you. You're not too young to understand the struggles of Black People, and the struggles are not foreign at all.

If you don't what it means that the African American community has created a time for us to focus on the accomplishments of not only our ancestors but ourselves. You can take pride in the accomplishments of our predecessors and strife to do great things yourself. The media will make you feel like you are worthless, Asian store owners will profile you as a theif, Police will harras you. You know these things are not true of all of us, possibly including yourselves. Just like it is not true of any race of people.

You are not too young to understand the struggles of Black people because this does not just include the struggles of the Civil Rights of the 60's. Black History Month includes the struggles of today as well. This month is meant to inspire you to do great things by showing you great things. Think about all of the activities that go on during this month in your own cities. Doesn't it inspire you to want to do more? Or just give you pride in seeing a reflection of yourself in something that was created by your own people and not diluted by the whitewash of the media.

The struggles are not foreign because you are facing struggles that only Black people face today similiar to those of the 60's. The execution of such struggle enduced forces are more hi-tech, for lack of better words. Have you been in a meeting and the only Black person there and wonder why when you speak there is a pause and then your comments seem to go unnoticed? Have you ever eaten lunch at work with a minimum of 3 other Black people and been asked if you were holding a meeting? Have you ever seen a white woman subtly hold her purse a little tighter as you walk by? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you know what struggle is. You may have gotten used to these things but they do still affect you.

So instead of jumping on the band wagon of why have a Black History Month or why is it only 1 month that we celebrate. Just simply celebrate it. It is a month long today that is globally recognized. Tomorrow it could be two months. Just feed your soul with the beauty of us and feel worthy to celebrate for one month, two months or all year long.

Just celebrate...who cares if the non-African Americans don't see a need for it. Do you think that they care if you see a need for things they celebrate?