Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jury Duty

Jury duty today. These are always long days in the courthouse. I might have felt better about it had I remembered to check to see if I was going to be called in the night before. Thank God, I was supposed to be at work at 5am or maybe the court would be looking to put me in jail or fine me. I woke up still sleepy this morning because I was up late typing a grant for a friend.

We interrupt this story for a side note:

A friend of mine Ricky just called me. I dated him at one time and we are still friends. He just was calling to see what I was up to.

T- I'm at Jury Duty.

R - Whaaat? Ooh I'm sposed to be doing it too, but they want you there too fucking early and I got things to do.

T - They are gonna fine you $5,000.00 and send yo ass to jail!

R - No they're not! Are they?? Well the woman told me to come back today but I got shit to do. Anyway, I'm going to get a note from my doctor saying I have AIDs and I can't sit in court all day cuz I'll be shittin all over myself. I'll get outta it, sheeeet!

T - You are crazy!!!!!

Back to the story.

Because we just implemented a new system I have to be at work at 5am. As soon as I walked into the building to work, it came to me. You didn't check-in for jury duty!! Of course I didn't have the nubmer with me to call in so I had to drive back home to call. Sure enough I had to report for service. Well at least I could sit around a little bit and relax before I had to be there.

So here I am sitting with all the other jurors, all praying that we don't get on a case. I began looking around the room to see if there were any cuties in here. Hmmm. There's one.

Looks a little young though. Glasses, darksin, short cut, wearing a polo shirt, backpack, and cargo pants. He's sitting in the back of the room where the chairs are set up in the same manner as in an airport, with rows of seats facing each other.

I multiple times I caught him looking at me and I looked back. When the Jury Supervisor called several names to the front his name was called to report to the specified courtroom.

I looked him dead in the eyes and he truned away looking down. Hmmm He doesn't know what to do in this situation or is being shady. For some reasn Marz came to my mind. Probably due to the shyness he exuded. He kept looking but not looking, looking but not get the picture.

As some jurors were called on to cases the crowd thinned out. As I refocused my eyes on the remaining jurors, what was revealed to me was a 6'3" slender thight bodied, brother in his 40's. He had that runnaway slave look to him that I've been looking for for quite some time. Tall, dark or brownskin slender tight body, nose that's spread accross his face, real thick lips, and long fingers.

While I was looking at that man he was looking at me too. He smiled and licked his lips. Is that a sign? Damn boy stop that, you gonna make my shit hard, I thought. Think aobut something else. Read your book. I'm reading the Bondswoman's Narritive. Believed to be one of the 1st manuscripts written by a slave. He's looking at me again. Just look away. Now why the hell am I acting like that shy youngin that just left the room?

Cus this motha fukah is hot!! Nice looking brothas like him always make me nervous. You know what? I'm gonna man up real quick. I ain't no punk. So I looked back at him right in the eyes and did the nod up. You know the whassup nod.

Lunch time!!

They release everyone for a 1 1/2 lunch. Everybody starts pushing for the door, but I lay back to avoid the rush for food. He turns to me and asks if I know where anyplace good to eat down here. At first just a small laugh fell from my lips. Then I quickly got my composure and said, Yeah I used to work down here do you want to join me?

"Sure I wouldn't mind your comapny at all", he smiled. He spread his gorgeous lips over his face and my legs became jelly.

I'm T by the way, reaching to experience those hands.

I'm G he said.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh Yeah I Got Tagged Again

I really don't normally like doing these tag things and ignore them. However, ProfessorGQ that tagged me seems like a nice guy and so does this one. You'll see who tagged me at the end of this post. So here goes...Again.

This is a Get To Know You Tag.

Name: D-Place Not my real name of course but the D is my 1st initial.

Next birthday: August 11th. Haven't made any plans. It sure would be nice if someone gave me a surprise birthday party.

Favorite Food: Thai Food and Soul Food.

Favorite Restaurant: Simply Thai is very good here in Los Feliz and Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Kitchen on Western both in Los Angeles. I really don't have a favorite restaurant but I like these two places.

Favorite Drink: Bourbon on the rocks. If you get the opportunity try some Bookers. It's real smooth. My mother's uncles got me drinking Bourbon. I was a Gin and 7 drinker before then. That Gin will sure make you sin though so I stopped that.

Favorite Happy Hour Spot: The Abbey Too bad there's not a black bar like this in Los Angeles

Shopping Spots: Armani, when I can afford it...Not the Exchange. Actually, I'll shop anywhere can't pass up a good deal.

Favorite Movie: Jackie's Back. For a Lifetime movie this was hilarious. Jennifer Lewis is a nut.

Favorite TV Show: I Want That. I love to dream about what I want in my house.

Most Underrated Actor or Actress: Leon...With his fine ass

Favorite Song You Presently Listen To: Honey Chile by Rosie Gaines

Most Underrated Artist/Group: Ledisi

Favorite Book: Shady by Blaine Teamer I wish he would write another one! Do you hear me Blaine!!!!!

Do you have kids? nope, I have a few kids that have adopted me though. Marz, So, Theo and Marlon

Best thing about being a parent: Not having any I can't say for sure, but I believe it would be the unconditional love until they become teenagers and they hate you..LOL

Have you ever been in love? Yes, I'm a sucker for it...But think I've really only been in love 2 times.

Best thing about being in love: Feeling connected selflessly

Biggest Turn-on: There are so many things that turn me on. Am I a freak? LOL...Hands, lips, chests, nipples, ooooh I said the n word...ahhhhhh

Biggest Turn-off: conceit, ignorance, bad hygiene

What would you be doing if you were not in the job/career situation you are presently in? Psychologist, Dancer, Magazine Publisher, Club Owner, Teacher

So what's stopping you? My mind, My bank account, I talk myself out of things all the time. I do sort of teach though. Software training, which is my favorite part of my job.

Something you would love to be good at? Singing. I would sing all the time! I don't understand singers that say "oh I can't sing right now" or "I'm not in good voice right now"...Well hell that means yo ass can't sing.

Any pet peeves? People who don't listen and are only interested in what they have to say.

1 nice thing about the person that sent this to you? I don't really know the person but I like what he has to say on his blog. He, like I said earlier seems like a nice person. Actually, Charles X asked me one time if I had to marry someone from the blog world who would it be and I picked Dugla. Don't know why just my instinct gave me his name, even though he's a lot younger than myself. He'll probably be surprised that I said that, he didn't know...hee hee Ok Dugla I did the tag thing and you betta comment!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Kinky Boots

I saw Kinky Boots yesterday. I thought it was a very good movie. Very positive and inspirational. So inspirational that it caused me to write this post.

The jist of the movie was about finding your Niche. Seems simple but it can be a really hard thing to do if you don't know what your niche is.

I think we all go through this. Unfortunately, we seem to go through it when we get a little older. Then try desperately to get out of a job or career that we have to rejuvenate ourselves. However, no matter what your age I think we should attempt to discover our niche. Where do you fit in?

I guess one thing to consider when finding your niche would be to determine what it is that you like doing or what need it is that is not being met. These words are easy to say, but I know they are soooo difficult to answer. My advice is just think about it. I know I will be. Actually, I have been for quite sometime now. Nothing yet unfortunately!!!!

Sometimes once you find your niche it may not be an easy path, so don't give up if it's something you believe in. I was going to say that nothing worthwhile is easy, but that's a dayum lie! I wish more things were easy. I'd make it be worthwhile.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Caption Tipsy Tuesday

Location: Broke Back Mountain

Ouch Mutha Fu&^%(

LaWanda says, "What cho say bitch! I ain't slept wit yo man. My babies daddy lives in L.A. working for a movie studio. He's coming back here to get me and my babies and bringing me a sun dress with daisies on it. What I need with that one ball suckah u with. I mean he look like he only got one ball.

Heffa Imma beat yo azz into yo broke down stairs! said Regina

Bamauri is my name
cuttin' bitches is my game.

The brothas think my pussy they can tame.
Baby when my stuff starts to roar
they'll be giving excuses about why their shyt is lame.

Imma have carpet marks in my back by the time that fool gets here.

Now how the hell she get a baby! Dayum, I gotta get some extra strength Summers Eve.

Yeah yo shyt does stink, but it tastes good.

Just feeling a little silly today..If I offended anyone it was not intentional.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Watch What You Do

Let me start this off by saying...You betta watch what you do and be who you are at all times. The reason for this statement is because it is a very small world. 6 degrees of separation and in the gay world it's 3 degrees of separation. Belief me!

I'm been friends with my best friend Fi for over 18 years. We met when he moved out here to Cali to be with his lover. I met him through a girlfriend of mine. We didn't like each other at first and I was happy to be out of his company after that first meeting. Well time changes things and soon after that we became friends. Since then he had moved back to the east coast after leaving that bastard of a lover he had. He's moved from Maryland, to New Haven, to Delaware and now is in Philly. I have of course visited him at every location except in Philly. He's only been there a few months now and I just haven't made it there yet. I have seen pictures of his place though and it is the shyt!

I've made a few friends online. Friends that I know I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. I have been to visit them in the states they live in and they me. Well one of my online friends, Mo was living in Texas when we first became online friends. Since then he moved to Atlanta to be with his lover. (lawd the kids will sure move for a man, I stopped that shyt years ago!) So when he moved to Atlanta I went to visit, that was about 8 years ago. We have since visited each other on numerous occasions. Actually, I just went to visit him this past month as he moved into his first home.

I know I have mentioned each of these friends to each other I think even by name. So my friend from Atlanta is in Philly right now and sent me some pictures of the house that he is staying at. He's email simply read that he never wanted to leave the house that he was visiting because he loved it so much. The pictures in his email started to slowly reveal themselves. Anyone who has AOL knows what I'm talking about.

As the pictures finally displayed on my screen I thought to myself. Dayum this place looks familiar. Then when I got to the last picture I knew for certain where he was staying. He was staying at my best friends house! So immediately I called my friend from Atlanta's cell phone and asked him, who he was staying with in Philly. You know kids don't like to tell you things if they're not sure why you're asking. So he says at a friends house.

I don't like to play those games very long so I just said are you staying at Fi's house? There was silence for a second. He then said, How do you know? I said cuz that's my best friends house I recognize the furniture. I didn't recognize the house right away because like I said I haven't been there yet, but have seen pics. Well we all got a good laugh out of the 3 degrees theory. It's is such a strange phenomenon.

So I'm writing this post to let you know that if you do anything in your life don't do anything that you will be ashamed of. This could have been a life altering experience if I was not always true to myself. So I had no fear what so ever in these friends meeting. Neither of them would give me anything but praises to one another.

Simply stated. You betta watch what you do cuz it will always catch up with you.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tagged by Professor GQ

If you were to be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?

Get Pregnant, then when I'm a man tomorrow I would become a billionaire for being the first pregnant male.

If you had to name the most difficult thing about being a teenager today, what would you say?

Not getting killed.

If you had to name the most embarrassing moment of your life, when was it?

Everytime I'm intersted in someone that I think is really fine. I become a complete clutz. Tripping over things cuz my legs won't move right and stuttering. Which is something I don't normally do.

If you had to name the most overrated actor in Hollywood, who would it be?

Denzel Washington

If you had to name the one personality trait that you have tried the hardest to change in yourself, what would you say?


If you could go back for one minute to the Garden of Eden and give Adam advice, what would you say?

Don't listen to hah!!!!!!!! She's fukin the snake!

If you were to name the best “I told you so” you ever got to deliver, what was it?

Can't think of one. sorry

If you were Madonna, what would you do for your next publicity stunt?

Marry Brian Pumper

If you could have a lifetime 50 percent discount in any single store at your local mall, which store would it be in?


If you could have one more pet, what kind would you get, and what would you name it?

A Blue Great Dane named Leon

If you could have God perform one miracle today, what would you want it to be?

Remove all things that make people ill physically or mentally.

If you could spend New Year's Eve doing anything you want, what would you do and who would you do it with?

I would spend it with the man that would be good for me and my life, kissing, laughing, talking and enjoy friends that we love.

If you were to set your country’s immigration policy, what would it be?

Too many of yall here already...Go home so some of these homeless people can have jobs.

If you were given the power to settle the issue of gays in the military, what policy would you set?

Ain't nobody's business if I do.

If you could have one person you have lost touch with call you up tonight and invite you to dinner, who would you want it to be?

Ron and ex lover. I don't know what happened to him and no one has heard from him.

If you could change one thing about your love life what would it be?

I am changing that thing. I'm being more conscious of who I choose to be with and holding nothing back. I have nothing to loose, but he may.

If you could have prevented one book from ever having been written, which book would it be?

The Bible was a good answer from ProfessorGQ I think I'll take his answer. It's caused so much confusion and murder.

If you have to name the best music album ever recorded, which would you select?

Sarah Vaughn Live at Mr. Kelly's

If you could have one thing made out of pure gold, what would you choose?

Hee hee hee

If God were to whisper one thing in your ear, what would you like Him to say?"

Next Week on Monday, you will be immune of all types of sickness and win the $100 million dollar lottery all by yourself. That way I can confidently walk into my job and tell selected people to kiss my ass!

Monday, April 03, 2006

What to do when your bois aren't feeling your boo?

I gotta say it again: "What to do when your bois aren't feeling your boo?"

Listen to them!!!!!

They know you better than you know yourself sometimes. Now I'm not talking about if they don't like the way he looks or the job he has. I'm talking about how your friends feel around him. You know the vibe they get when their around your boo. And what about the vibe your friends get around his friends. All those things will be important down the line.

1st imma start with the; them knowing you better than your self.

You just think you foolin everybody by acting like you are all confident and in love with this man. Remember your friends have seen you in love many times in the past. They know when you are really in love and when you are just filling a spot. Stop lying to yourself.

The way he looks or what he does.

If your friends are saying things about his looks and what he does...fuc those ho's they ain't your friends...they probably tryin to have him. Don't be superficial it shouldn't matter what he does for a living...just as long as he does something. And as far as looks...whatever floats your boat baby....if you like it I love it.

The Vibe.

If your friends don't get a good vibe from your boo. Then there is something amiss. He should know that he is going to have to deal with them as long as yall are together. So if he is not vibing with your friends then that means you are in for a little hell. He ain't gonna want to go to any of the parties where your friends are. Your friends are not going to want to come visit you at his house either if yo ass is stupid enough to move in with him in less than a year of knowing him.

The same thing goes for your friends around his friends. If they don't like each other it's not so bad...but who do you think are going to be at all the parties with yall. Both of yalls friends hating each other. Which will then mean that after awhile yall will be staying in the house arguing with each other about things that really don't amount to much.

Don't just be with him cuz you think he's the last resort or because he's comfortable for the moment. That's just not fair to him or really yourself. And if you are doing that...then you got some issues that you need to take care of. Self-esteem issues. Like not feeling like you can be alone so you accept practically anyone that looks in your direction with a pulse.


Opps i'm getting carried away. I'll just leave it at Listen to your friends. Be thoughtful about it though. You gotta think about the motives of your friends too. That's another post in itself. Not today though. I gotta go to the store.

I'm adding a bit more to this post after seeing what an unknown commentor had to say. In no way do I want to suggest that anyone should simply do whatever their friends say. That would be extremely immature. I hope that anyone reading this posts understands that. Only you know what will ultimately make you happy. Sometimes you gotta weigh what your friends say against how you feel. Keep Living and you will learn.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Am I Wrong?

Life is funny. I just made a post the other day about people having lists for what they want and don't want from those they seek to date What's on your list.

Today I was tested by my own list. Please tell me if I failed. Tell me if I was wrong.

Looking like hell today, since I had been traveling so much I haven't had a chance to get my hair cut. So I threw on a hat and some sunglasses and went on my way to the gas station to fill my car up with $2.75 a gallon worth of gas. Grrrrrrrrrr mad as hell about that. But I gotta get to where I'm going. I drive up into the station and see this brotha asking people for change to wash their windows. So I drive to the far end of the station hoping, uselessly that he won't ask me for change. I was having a craving for those 2 for a dollar bags of peanuts so I gotta go in the station.

Low and behold here he comes right at me. "Hey brotha can I wash your windows for some change please". Yeah, I say.

He wasn't a bad looking brotha, and actually wasn't dressed to badly either. I actually liked the sweater he had on. So I got my nuts. When I come out he's finished washing the windows and started to put the gas in the car. I started thinking to myself, is this brotha on drugs or something. He doesn't look homeless at all.

So we start to pump the gas and he asks me where I was going home? Naw not just yet I responded. Gotta go to the grocery store. Yeah he says, that's why I'm here asking for change so I can buy some meat and have some meat and rice for dinner.

Well the conversation continues like that and he asks me if I was eating dinner alone. Yeah I say...why is that he questioned. That's the way I like it don't have to worry about what someone likes or doesn't like cuz it's just me. Oh ok he says, I was hoping you would invite me to dinner with you. Maybe some other time I said just to get out of the situation with out offending him.

Ok now it's obvious that he's flirting. Grinning at me and shyt like he wants to lick in spots on me that I need licked on. So I said what are you doing out here anyway. He said I"m waiting to get my SSI check and gotta do this til I get it so I can eat. Just making ends meet until then. (For yall that don't know...SSI is Social Security Insurance) So that means this brotha is on disability for some reason.

Now the thoughts in my head:

He is kinda cute, he's not homeless. But that SSI..what kinda disability does he have. (all kinds of illness went through my head) He ain't workin, Is he lying about some of this. What the hell would my friends say if I told them I'm dating this guy I met at the gas station who cleaned my windows and on SSI? Something's not right about this whole thing.

So I said my goodbye's to the brotha and told him to take care of himself. He told me to do the same and hopefully he would see me around since he lived in this neighborhood too in a luxury 1 bedroom apartment on 1st street. (Well 1st of all their ain't no luxury apts on 1st street. Unless he thinks it's still 1965 when they really were luxury apts.)

Aiight man I'm outta here and I drive off.

- So was I wrong for leaving this obviously available brotha at the gas station?
- Was my attitude superficial?
- Did I just contradict my post?

If some of yall think that I should go back to that gas station and get him, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not doing it. LOL