Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Caption Tipsy Tuesday

Location: Broke Back Mountain

Ouch Mutha Fu&^%(

LaWanda says, "What cho say bitch! I ain't slept wit yo man. My babies daddy lives in L.A. working for a movie studio. He's coming back here to get me and my babies and bringing me a sun dress with daisies on it. What I need with that one ball suckah u with. I mean he look like he only got one ball.

Heffa Imma beat yo azz into yo broke down stairs! said Regina

Bamauri is my name
cuttin' bitches is my game.

The brothas think my pussy they can tame.
Baby when my stuff starts to roar
they'll be giving excuses about why their shyt is lame.

Imma have carpet marks in my back by the time that fool gets here.

Now how the hell she get a baby! Dayum, I gotta get some extra strength Summers Eve.

Yeah yo shyt does stink, but it tastes good.

Just feeling a little silly today..If I offended anyone it was not intentional.


ProfessorGQ said...

you are so ghetto...LOL

is that you pretending to climb a mountain in that top photo?

D-Place said...

No that's not me on the mountain...LOL

dugla said...

you COULD post your own "getting to know you 2006"

I guess i'm taggin you!

plez... said...

re: the first picture
I can't tell from the picture, but is that a mountain that is being climbed?