Sunday, April 26, 2015



I saw it today.  1st I'll say it was a good movie.  Pretty well acted and believable if you are familiar with people that were raised in the way that the young man Randy was in the film.

He had a mother with very strict religious beliefs and they attended a church that also had old and detrimental beliefs that cause confusion and heartache.

Now all I really want to say regarding the movie and anyone that knows me would not be surprised with what I'm about to say.

I'm absolutely sick and tired of movies about Black people where a white person comes in and makes everything better for the main character.  Not sure why the choice in this movie was for the young Randy to become involved with the sort of corny trying to be worldly and cool white Kevin.

There as you can see in the picture above there were 2 other very qualified cast members that could have played the one to deflower Randy.  I'm really not giving anything away in the movie you'll know this is coming the moment Kevin steps on the scene..very predictable...even though I hoped for a twist.  sigh didn't happen.

Anyway, enjoy the story of this movie ...till next time when I have something to say. :-)