Monday, March 07, 2016

Thank you...Somebodies Sun

I posted my painting and hope that those who had the opportunity to view it found it to be pleasing.  I have removed the painting so that I'm able to determine what I'll do with it next.  Thank you for the positive reactions.

"I think we would like to kill you ourselves before seeing you killed by the streets America made."
Ta-Nehisi Coates

This quote by Ta-Nehisi is reminicent of our slave ancestors who  probably would have rather killed their children rather than see them live through the injustices that befell them during the times of slavery.  I wonder if parents of lost sons have felt any difference since slavery.

We are somebodies son.
We are villified soldiers from the day we are born.
We are navigating the world wearing armor that others call skin.
We are not all heroes,  but who's going to let us be.
We are subject to words not chosen for others.
We are husbands
We are fathers
We are brothers
We are friends
We are co-workers
We are the lie that every one believes and the truth that no one believes.
We are somebodies sun.