Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stranded In The Motor City

The movie Precious is set to come out in November of this year. Precious from the book Push by Sapphire, looks at the struggles of a young girl living in the ghetto. In the book and movie you will see her march through the trials and tribulations of a life she did not choose. If you've read the book you know how moving the story is. To me Push takes you on a journey of life in the ghetto just like the book Native Son by Richard Wright. Even though you can empathize with the characters at the same time you know that it is a fictional story. Maybe that's what helps us to sleep at night.

Rarely do you see or hear the stories of real people fighting to survive this type of life. So can one really garner an understanding of what the circumstances are that caused them to be where they are or the strength to survive, change, and move?

Tonight I was at a friends and he showed me a trailer for a documentary that he wrote and directed. He will showcase it later this month. From the little bit that the tailer shows I can already tell that one will walk away with a greater understanding of this type of life. You will be educated and hopefully inspired to move. What movement? That depends on you and your strength. Please check out the trailer for his documentary Stranded in the Motor City. Also, Click this link to access the movies website.

Stranded In The Motor City

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Go See It

One of my all time favorite movies has always been the Bad Seed. The Bad Seed was made in 1956. (before I was born!!!) This movie is so good even today. You should check out this little girl in action if you haven't already.

There have been other movies that have copied off of the concept of this movie like The Good Son. However, they have not come close until now. Orphan is excellent, if you like this genre of movies. I do!

Orphan even has a little extra than the original Bad Seed. Go see this movie. I recommend you see the Bad Seed 1st though so you can get an idea of the type of movie that Orphan is. Ooooooh it was good! I'm buying this movie when it comes on DVD.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It just hit me. In 47 mins I'll be 50 years old and 1 day! I really hadn't thought much about turning 50 because I was doing so much. Remodeling my kitchen and planning a bday party at the last min.
Everything turned out extremely well. The kitchen got done a week before the party. Although rushed and stressed I got the place cleaned up and started the preparation for my bday party. Everything was fantastic! I've never felt like this on my bday. Even though I didn't have a date. I felt like all the attention was on me. I'm a leo so you know we like that.

A few people asked me in my 50 years what have a learned. My answer is this. Appreciate everyone for who they are. See the differences in people and see how you can still be connected to them. My party was definitely an indication of differences. Many people from different backgrounds ages likes and dislikes. The amazing thing is that everyone had a wonderful time.

I didn't have candles on my cake...not because I didn't look for some the day of the party...I just couldn't find any close by. So when thanking everyone for attending I realized that I didn't need any candles because all the people that I love were there...and they were my light.

I'm starting a tradition candles on bday cakes. Let those you invite be your light. Anyone in your life that does not shine brightly either light their fire or remove that candle from the cake of your life.

Below was a pic of me (told ya I wasn't keeping it up here long), and a little bit of the decorations I did to the house for my party. (those are gone too)

Thursday, August 06, 2009

My New Crush

This is Lytel Young the Host of Bang for the Buck a show on HGTV. He's my new crush. Can I have a crush at my age?? Hell yeah I can!
If someone has a picture of him without his shirt on will you please contact me immediately?

Monday, August 03, 2009

Now I feel bad

I know some of the Beyonce-ites were a little upset with me for that last post. So to make yall feel better and to stop any harm from coming to me. I present Beyonce.

The reason I'm posting these nonsense posts is because I'm marinating on some other stuff of more importance to me. Hopefull it will flow from my fingertips to the keyboard and to this blog soon.