Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It just hit me. In 47 mins I'll be 50 years old and 1 day! I really hadn't thought much about turning 50 because I was doing so much. Remodeling my kitchen and planning a bday party at the last min.
Everything turned out extremely well. The kitchen got done a week before the party. Although rushed and stressed I got the place cleaned up and started the preparation for my bday party. Everything was fantastic! I've never felt like this on my bday. Even though I didn't have a date. I felt like all the attention was on me. I'm a leo so you know we like that.

A few people asked me in my 50 years what have a learned. My answer is this. Appreciate everyone for who they are. See the differences in people and see how you can still be connected to them. My party was definitely an indication of differences. Many people from different backgrounds ages likes and dislikes. The amazing thing is that everyone had a wonderful time.

I didn't have candles on my cake...not because I didn't look for some the day of the party...I just couldn't find any close by. So when thanking everyone for attending I realized that I didn't need any candles because all the people that I love were there...and they were my light.

I'm starting a tradition ...no candles on bday cakes. Let those you invite be your light. Anyone in your life that does not shine brightly either light their fire or remove that candle from the cake of your life.

Below was a pic of me (told ya I wasn't keeping it up here long), and a little bit of the decorations I did to the house for my party. (those are gone too)


Eduardo Guize said...

Happy belated birthday!

But I guess I can't follow your blog anymore, sorry, your pic shows that you've made a pact with the Devil ;D

The Antonym said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY... never stop celebrating another day of life and health! Never stop celebrating YOU!

You are hella handsome BTW

Curious said...

50? I could have sworn I was older than you. Oh well another thing that I've been wrong about. BTW do you keep a portrait in the attic like Dorian Gray? I guess that's good living for you.

Anyway, I'm glad you celebrated not just your birthday but life itself in a way that satisfied you and I hope there'll be many more occasions for you to do so in the future.

thegayte-keeper said...


kennyking78 said...

See!!! I told you that you looked fine as wine in that picture!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I am happy to be your friend and thank God for your 50 years!

D-Place said...

Eduardo - You can't help but come back. I put a spell on you..LOL and thank you.

The Antynom - Thank you and awww shucks...

Curious - I'm not used to you being so positive on my blog. But I like it..yes I'm older than you :-P Thank you for the kind wishes.

TGK - Thank you.

Kenny - You just saying that cuz you love me..LOL

Chet said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I certainly hope that your special was as special as you are, may you enjoy many many more.

Fifty? No way! 1959 was a very good year! You look good my brotha! Who would have guessed you were fifty, then again it is the new thirty!

ExaminedLife said...

Thank you for sharing your life, your blog and your birthday with us! Hope it was a great one

blkbutterfly said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! It sounds like your day was fantastic, which of course you completely deserve.

And, uhm, there's no way I'm buying that you're 50. ;-)

Trojan Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Mister, there is a lot of wisdom in your post> i hope you enjoy the next 50!

Darren Logan said...

"let those you invite be your light..."

I love that line!

Happy Birthday sir...many more to come!

D-Place said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes everyone! The pictures are now coming down..whew can't believe I left them up as long as I did!

Anonymous said...

Wow, 50, Doug ? What a major milestone. Sorry I couldn't make it out to California for what seemed to be a spectacular event , but know that I was thinking of you and hoping for all the best.

deonte' k said...

OMG! I missed your bday.... happy belated bday buddy!!! hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Lovely life.

Moanerplicity said...

I deeply apologize for rollin thru so late. Haven't been blogging for a minute. I hope you'll have a wonderful, soul-fulfilling and ultimately blissful new decade. After all, isn't 50 suppose to be the New 30?

Whatever the case, snatch the HELL outta JOY!