Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stranded In The Motor City

The movie Precious is set to come out in November of this year. Precious from the book Push by Sapphire, looks at the struggles of a young girl living in the ghetto. In the book and movie you will see her march through the trials and tribulations of a life she did not choose. If you've read the book you know how moving the story is. To me Push takes you on a journey of life in the ghetto just like the book Native Son by Richard Wright. Even though you can empathize with the characters at the same time you know that it is a fictional story. Maybe that's what helps us to sleep at night.

Rarely do you see or hear the stories of real people fighting to survive this type of life. So can one really garner an understanding of what the circumstances are that caused them to be where they are or the strength to survive, change, and move?

Tonight I was at a friends and he showed me a trailer for a documentary that he wrote and directed. He will showcase it later this month. From the little bit that the tailer shows I can already tell that one will walk away with a greater understanding of this type of life. You will be educated and hopefully inspired to move. What movement? That depends on you and your strength. Please check out the trailer for his documentary Stranded in the Motor City. Also, Click this link to access the movies website.

Stranded In The Motor City


Eduardo Guize said...

Wow that's the kind of movie you need to have the guts to watch, just the trailer smacks you in the face.

It seems your friend has done a hell of a job, especially going through the painful process of portraying his own family.

Anonymous said...

def gotta see Precious.....that should be a good one!

Anonymous said...
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Eduardo Guize said...

D-Place, thanks for deleting that... what's the word... "thing"!

deonte' k said...

Man, this is definitely something I want to see. Thanks for sharing. It was very touching to just watch the trailer.

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