Sunday, October 23, 2011

Happy, Safe, Weird and Grateful

I've been dating someone.  Things have been progressing organically well.  Organic..he brought that word into our discussion about  our current state.

I feel happy, safe, weird and grateful.

Happy because this brotha makes me smile!
Safe - Why is that even an issue for me at the age that I am right now but that's the word that came out of my head.  I feel like he's trustworthy.
Weird because I've never dated anyone except for my 1st that I didn't use any qualifiers to describe them.  You know...I like him but he just got laid off, he's nice to me but his mother is his best friend and takes up a lot of his get the gist.
Grateful that he is thoughtful and thinks about me and lets me know it even when he's not around.

I have a saying that I always use...Enjoy the moment...Well right now I am not only enjoying the moments I am looking forward and anticipating the moments with him.

Things are easy with him.  I must say I put into the universe awhile ago that I wanted to be with someone that it would be easy to get to know.  From our 1st date the conversation flowed for 4 hours when I think we both thought it might be an hour drink at a local bar.

This is different for me and I'm relishing in it.  Speak into existence what it is you really want and it shall be yours.

It's scary writing things like this because my old self would say, now watch this end in a few more weeks. Throwing that negativity away cuz this feels real.  I'm not naive by any stretch of the word and I am paying attention to the things he says and does.  They all match!  No question that I've asked has he not answered straightfowardly. No flags of doubt have surfaced.  This feels good.