Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween Dammit!

I'm not one that goes to Halloween Parties a lot. However, this year I was kinda looking forward to it. I even got invited to 4 Halloween Parties!

Well no need for me to get all excited cuz I won't be going to any of them because of this damn month-end work that I have to do. I started the process at 9pm yesterday. The program took until 10:30 am this morning to complete. Then I have to run some reports on the data. Because this program is soooo crappy. It never picks up all the documents that it's supposed to. As it happens every F*$#ing month more than 1500 records have to be processed again. This took almost 4 hours and then still 1000 records still didn't run. Now I have to run these 1000 again. I'm sooo pissed about this mess. It has completely ruined my chance to have some fun on Halloween.

I'm writing on this blog while that bitchass program is running. Lawd let it take an hour. (wishful thinking)

Oh yeah I was going to be a Black Panther this year. I got the afro wig and errthang!

Anyway, Happy Hallo-damn-ween!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Mama Knows Best

Anyone that visits my blog knows that normally my post are related to Black Men. Sometimes a Black woman who can sing. Like Ledisi...I love you

Anyway I'm breaking that pattern for this. If you love music like I do I think you'll get goosebumps too.

On a social note why are we accepting the mediocre talent that the music industry puts out there with a hot beat to make a song hot but the singers really can't sing? I guess I know the answer...get a one hit wonder don't pay them much and get another one right after that. Real singers they'd have to pay for a long time and the expense would increase with their popularity. sigh what a world what a world...Wicked Witch of the East.

After Thought: I just found out the Jessica Cornish does have a record deal now with a U.S. Company. She's from the U.K. I'll be looking for her cd like crazy!