Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Happy New Year Everyone!

This Lion wishes you a prosperous and fierce 2009.

Bring in the new year with the innocence and curiosity of a baby! Free of hangups and open to possibilities and prosperity! Wishing you all the best!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Result

The results of my little situation on Christmas night was less than I anticipated after staying up really late thinking about how I would talk to my missing friend. I'll call him BuckBuck.

The next day BuckBuck called me to apologize. I couldn't talk at the time because I was on my way out with my parents and didn't want their day to be filled with any concern as I spoke to him. So I told him that we would talk later. He wanted me to accept his apology right then but me being me was not going to do that until I said what I stayed up all night thinking about. I told him that we were ok and we'd talk and not to worry. He did sound like he was remiss.

I sent him a text message while I was out.
Me: I will see you later right?

BuckBuck: No

Me: Why Not? You have called me for weeks to ensure that I came down here for xmas, you better see me.

BuckBuck: Ok

Me: I mean it!

BuckBuck: Ok

That was the last response I got from BuckBuck and I didn't see him while I was in my parents town. So I assume that he decided to remain in misery with little care for whether he ruined our friendship or not. In my mind he had not but I wanted to get some things straight with him if we were to continue as friends. Now I won't worry about this anymore.

I'm blessed to have friends that do really care about me and my feelings. So one from the past that I hadn't been in much contact with anyway will not matter in the big picture of my life. I know who cares about me and I know who trapses through my life only for a glance. I'm a grown man and It's unfortunate that everyone that comes in our paths is not grown.

So I'll continue being happy with those that care about me and blessed because they do. I wish him all the best but I don't have the time to worry about what I can't do anything about. In my life I've had to move on from so many people that one more that only has spent brief moments in the span of my life in so many years will not be hard to get past.

The rest of my holidays will be happy and I hope yours too. For those of you who commented on my last post...thank you for your encouragement.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Not Like I Imagined

I'm going to see two friends of mine tomorrow that I went to Junior High and High School with. One of the friends I've stayed in contact with over the years even though we live in different cities. The other we hadn't see since graduation until our last class reunion. I've spoke to the missing friend a couple of times on the phone since our reunion. Tomorrow I'll see the both of them again. We had a 3 way phone call earlier this evening. Our out of touch friend was obviously drunk on the phone. And said somethings that neither my constant friend or I appreciated. When we see each other tomorrow I'm going to need to take a breath before speaking. Had I not been at my parents house and they in earshot I'm sure I would have called him everything but a child of God at the audacity of his drunken comments. I know I'm babbling right now but my typing this is helping me to think about how I'm going to handle this situation tomorrow.

Strange this is the only post that I have with no picture of any kind. I just can't imagine right now how this is going to play out or how I'm going to feel at the end of it all. I just know that the way I'm feeling right now is not how I imagined I would feel on Christmas day. I need to kick his ass just for that!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Holidays!!

It's Christmas Eve and this is the time of year when people always make changes in their lives. Or at least when they decide that they need to make some changes.

I don't promise that I'll make any changes. I just do my best to be a better me. So this year I wish all that wander upon my blogspot a wonderful holiday season and all the blessesings, happiness, and success that you can handle!!

Envision your future as you want to see it and make love a priority!

Friday, December 05, 2008


I haven't talked about this because I guess for some reason it just didn't feel real to me. I've had very minimal feelings about it which I think is strange. Sometimes I feel a tinge of excitement and other times it just feels like a story that I'm reading. I'm unsure of what to expect. I've been trying to read things online but the things that I've read have only made added to my nervousness.

Ya see, next year I'm going to Ghana. I'm a little excited about it today because I just found out that instead of flying coach as we originally thought, we'll be flying business class. So right now I'm most excited to know that I'll be comfortable on this 18hour flight to Acra, Ghana.

I'll be going to Ghana with some co-workers on a special project that our company is taking part in for the 1st time ever. My company in the U.S. is joining up with our company in the UK and in Ghana to build houses in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Now anyone that knows me is probably thinking. You build houses???...well yeah me! LOL. I'm all for paying to get things done right and quickly rather than doing it myself and be unsure of the final results. However, I don't mind getting my hands dirty and love the feeling of accomplisment when my efforts are something that will be useful for someone else. So that's what I'm going to do.

I'm actually the U.S. Team Leader in this 1st endeaver. What I'm a little nervous about is not the work but moreso how I will be perceived. After searching the internet for Gay Ghana all I found were negative articles sighting that homosexuality is illegal and Police and inhabitants of Ghana sometimes beat or kill those who they think may be gay for purely stereotypical reasons. Now I'm by no means flamboyantly gay but I'm also not the stereotypical macho man either. So this is where my concerns come in as the customs in this country are quite different from our own in the States.

An example of that is: we are required to meet the King of the villiage to gain his approval to build for his villiagers. What this process is right now I don't know. I'm sure I'll find out before we go but it still makes me nervous. Will I be asked if I am married and have children and if not why not? You know the questions that your family may wonder about but never say anything.

While I'm excited about the opportunity to do some good for people in Africa and having the opportunity to do some sightseeing there for free for 2 weeks. I'm still a little apprehensive about what I might encounter. I will however, make sure that I understand the customs of this country so that I do not offend anyone while visiting.

I am excited about this opportunity also because my mother company was happy that employees came up with this project,, are backing us financially and they'd like to do something like this world-wide on a regular basis in the future. If this project is successful I'm going to try to create a new job out of it. Maybe I'll be the Director of International Charitable Affairs or something..LOL What I do know is that if I'm able to create this position I'll be able to see the world for free!

Has anyone been to Ghana and can give me some advice?

Monday, December 01, 2008

What Kinda...

I don't know who this baby is or who it belongs to. Just thought it was cute and needed something to go along with my post. LOL

So I was stuck at home pretty much all weekend doing this month-end ritual that I've been assigned for work. It's horrid I tell you absolutley horrid. I think my manger put me on it so that I can be frustrated with the process and get it fixed. It's the most tedius thing I've ever had to do in my life and takes like 6 hours to do each day. I was thinking I can't wait til she goes out on maternity leave! I'll try to get some of those off-shore guys to do this crap.

Anyway, so I'm doing this process and I get an email response from her. Ok, no big deal. I just thought damn this woman is pregnant and due any day now and her ass is working on a Sunday afternoon. Her ass needs to sit down somewhere and rest.

30 mins later I get another email from her. This time she's sending out an annoucement that she had her baby on Thanksgiving day. I was like what the hell is wrong with her ass. She just had the baby 10 mins ago and she's already online responding to emails and I'm sure doing other work. Well at least we won't have to deal with her for a few more weeks. Knowing her she won't take the entire maternity leave...just like she didn't when she had her 3yo. I can't wait til this new baby is a terrible 2yo and the other is 5yo. Maybe then her ass will calm down a little cuz she'll be so damn tired from running around with the kids then everybody else will have a little peace.

I'm laughing to myself because this post is like a Look at this Nigger type post. LOL