Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Delightful, Unassuming and Dignified

Delightful, Unassuming and Dignified is how I would describe the 3 authors that I met this evening. I attended a book reading at In The Meantime Men's Group discussion of Visible Lives - Three Stores in Tribute to E. Lynn Harris. In order of the characteristics mentioned above, Terrance Dean (Hiding in Hip Hop) , James Earl Hardy (B Boy Blues) and Stanley Bennett Clay (Looker) read excerpts from this piece of work.
It was a pleasure hearing them tell stories of their experience with E. Lynn Harris and what he meant to the literary world, the Black SGL community and to Black Gay authors like them and others. They wrote this book in tribute so that the memory of E. Lynn would not be just a tiny blurb in a newspaper or an insignificant footnote in our history.

I haven't started to read the book yet but from the excerpts I believe the book will be pure pleasure. The authors all read their excerpts in such a way that it left you wanting more. Just what a good author should do! If any of these authors are in your city please make an effort to go see them. You will walk away feeling proud and significant.

The host of the event described E. Lynn and the Authors of Visible Lives as Royalty. I beg to differ as I would describe them as legendary. They will all be celebrated in our future as pioneers. Being royalty doesn't mean that you've done anything but being born to a royal lineage or afforded privilege uncommon for most. It doesn't mean that you've contributed anything to the lives of anyone. These authors have done just that.
E. Lynn Harris, rest in peace.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Thinking of the Joy

I have been thinking about my friend Marlon that passed away recently and felt sad. I thought about the many many others that have passed on as well. Then I thought about the overwhelming feeling of joy and excitment that I'd experience when I see them all again.

I know it's strange to say but I almost feel excited about that time. Just think of it. All the family members and friends that you love and have such good memories about all being in one place with no judgments, drama or issues. Just together having a good time.

Man what a party that will be! Just imagine being in one place with all the people that have held a special place in your heart.

I hope this makes you smile thinking about who you'll see.