Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh Yeah I Got Tagged Again

I really don't normally like doing these tag things and ignore them. However, ProfessorGQ that tagged me seems like a nice guy and so does this one. You'll see who tagged me at the end of this post. So here goes...Again.

This is a Get To Know You Tag.

Name: D-Place Not my real name of course but the D is my 1st initial.

Next birthday: August 11th. Haven't made any plans. It sure would be nice if someone gave me a surprise birthday party.

Favorite Food: Thai Food and Soul Food.

Favorite Restaurant: Simply Thai is very good here in Los Feliz and Aunt Rosa Lee's Mississippi Kitchen on Western both in Los Angeles. I really don't have a favorite restaurant but I like these two places.

Favorite Drink: Bourbon on the rocks. If you get the opportunity try some Bookers. It's real smooth. My mother's uncles got me drinking Bourbon. I was a Gin and 7 drinker before then. That Gin will sure make you sin though so I stopped that.

Favorite Happy Hour Spot: The Abbey Too bad there's not a black bar like this in Los Angeles

Shopping Spots: Armani, when I can afford it...Not the Exchange. Actually, I'll shop anywhere can't pass up a good deal.

Favorite Movie: Jackie's Back. For a Lifetime movie this was hilarious. Jennifer Lewis is a nut.

Favorite TV Show: I Want That. I love to dream about what I want in my house.

Most Underrated Actor or Actress: Leon...With his fine ass

Favorite Song You Presently Listen To: Honey Chile by Rosie Gaines

Most Underrated Artist/Group: Ledisi

Favorite Book: Shady by Blaine Teamer I wish he would write another one! Do you hear me Blaine!!!!!

Do you have kids? nope, I have a few kids that have adopted me though. Marz, So, Theo and Marlon

Best thing about being a parent: Not having any I can't say for sure, but I believe it would be the unconditional love until they become teenagers and they hate you..LOL

Have you ever been in love? Yes, I'm a sucker for it...But think I've really only been in love 2 times.

Best thing about being in love: Feeling connected selflessly

Biggest Turn-on: There are so many things that turn me on. Am I a freak? LOL...Hands, lips, chests, nipples, ooooh I said the n word...ahhhhhh

Biggest Turn-off: conceit, ignorance, bad hygiene

What would you be doing if you were not in the job/career situation you are presently in? Psychologist, Dancer, Magazine Publisher, Club Owner, Teacher

So what's stopping you? My mind, My bank account, I talk myself out of things all the time. I do sort of teach though. Software training, which is my favorite part of my job.

Something you would love to be good at? Singing. I would sing all the time! I don't understand singers that say "oh I can't sing right now" or "I'm not in good voice right now"...Well hell that means yo ass can't sing.

Any pet peeves? People who don't listen and are only interested in what they have to say.

1 nice thing about the person that sent this to you? I don't really know the person but I like what he has to say on his blog. He, like I said earlier seems like a nice person. Actually, Charles X asked me one time if I had to marry someone from the blog world who would it be and I picked Dugla. Don't know why just my instinct gave me his name, even though he's a lot younger than myself. He'll probably be surprised that I said that, he didn't know...hee hee Ok Dugla I did the tag thing and you betta comment!!


dugla said...

Wow! I'm totally surprised.

So, come August 11th how old will you be?

Armani... not the Exchange- too true!

D, you've got great taste and the best part is its all instinct.

Just one question, where's my ring? I joke. I'm not too big on tradition anyhow


David E. Patton said...

I want to tell you that I came across your site and took the time read some of the posts and I enjoyed myself.

Marz said...


I believe it was you who brought the adoption papers to MOI. (I'm just saying, if my recollection is correct, which it is. LOL)



divine oasis said...

don't talk yourself outta things. you gotta follow your dreams. live your life off the wall.

ProfessorGQ said...

Leon...attractive? ummmmmm...okay...LOL

Marz said...
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Terrence said...

Learn something new errday. I agree too that Leon is an underrated actor.

And believe it or not, I have never eaten Thai food. Many of my friends have though. I am plain and simple - Soulfood with a splash of Chinese, American, and Mexican.