Monday, April 03, 2006

What to do when your bois aren't feeling your boo?

I gotta say it again: "What to do when your bois aren't feeling your boo?"

Listen to them!!!!!

They know you better than you know yourself sometimes. Now I'm not talking about if they don't like the way he looks or the job he has. I'm talking about how your friends feel around him. You know the vibe they get when their around your boo. And what about the vibe your friends get around his friends. All those things will be important down the line.

1st imma start with the; them knowing you better than your self.

You just think you foolin everybody by acting like you are all confident and in love with this man. Remember your friends have seen you in love many times in the past. They know when you are really in love and when you are just filling a spot. Stop lying to yourself.

The way he looks or what he does.

If your friends are saying things about his looks and what he does...fuc those ho's they ain't your friends...they probably tryin to have him. Don't be superficial it shouldn't matter what he does for a living...just as long as he does something. And as far as looks...whatever floats your boat baby....if you like it I love it.

The Vibe.

If your friends don't get a good vibe from your boo. Then there is something amiss. He should know that he is going to have to deal with them as long as yall are together. So if he is not vibing with your friends then that means you are in for a little hell. He ain't gonna want to go to any of the parties where your friends are. Your friends are not going to want to come visit you at his house either if yo ass is stupid enough to move in with him in less than a year of knowing him.

The same thing goes for your friends around his friends. If they don't like each other it's not so bad...but who do you think are going to be at all the parties with yall. Both of yalls friends hating each other. Which will then mean that after awhile yall will be staying in the house arguing with each other about things that really don't amount to much.

Don't just be with him cuz you think he's the last resort or because he's comfortable for the moment. That's just not fair to him or really yourself. And if you are doing that...then you got some issues that you need to take care of. Self-esteem issues. Like not feeling like you can be alone so you accept practically anyone that looks in your direction with a pulse.


Opps i'm getting carried away. I'll just leave it at Listen to your friends. Be thoughtful about it though. You gotta think about the motives of your friends too. That's another post in itself. Not today though. I gotta go to the store.

I'm adding a bit more to this post after seeing what an unknown commentor had to say. In no way do I want to suggest that anyone should simply do whatever their friends say. That would be extremely immature. I hope that anyone reading this posts understands that. Only you know what will ultimately make you happy. Sometimes you gotta weigh what your friends say against how you feel. Keep Living and you will learn.


Trent Jackson said...

Hello can we syndicate this? SOOOOO MANY people need to read this...Imma have to point this out.

"You workin' my last nerves don't you know? So take yo jheri curl and go!"

Anonymous said...

I actually disagree for the following reasons.

1. You're dating your man not your friends.

2. Even if your friends don't like your man, if they were true friends, they would tolerate him because of you.

3. Friends no matter what can and will get jealous of you and what you've got. So be careful about listening to what they've got to say, especially if they're single themselves.

4. If you're highly influenced by your friends, then you must check yourself because you can be easily influenced the wrong way.

divine oasis said...

friends on the outside can pick up on vibes we tend to miss because we're involved. all input should be evaluated before being applied or dismissed.

ultimately, you know what you feel underneath your skin. that's the real guide.