Saturday, April 15, 2006

Watch What You Do

Let me start this off by saying...You betta watch what you do and be who you are at all times. The reason for this statement is because it is a very small world. 6 degrees of separation and in the gay world it's 3 degrees of separation. Belief me!

I'm been friends with my best friend Fi for over 18 years. We met when he moved out here to Cali to be with his lover. I met him through a girlfriend of mine. We didn't like each other at first and I was happy to be out of his company after that first meeting. Well time changes things and soon after that we became friends. Since then he had moved back to the east coast after leaving that bastard of a lover he had. He's moved from Maryland, to New Haven, to Delaware and now is in Philly. I have of course visited him at every location except in Philly. He's only been there a few months now and I just haven't made it there yet. I have seen pictures of his place though and it is the shyt!

I've made a few friends online. Friends that I know I'll be friends with for the rest of my life. I have been to visit them in the states they live in and they me. Well one of my online friends, Mo was living in Texas when we first became online friends. Since then he moved to Atlanta to be with his lover. (lawd the kids will sure move for a man, I stopped that shyt years ago!) So when he moved to Atlanta I went to visit, that was about 8 years ago. We have since visited each other on numerous occasions. Actually, I just went to visit him this past month as he moved into his first home.

I know I have mentioned each of these friends to each other I think even by name. So my friend from Atlanta is in Philly right now and sent me some pictures of the house that he is staying at. He's email simply read that he never wanted to leave the house that he was visiting because he loved it so much. The pictures in his email started to slowly reveal themselves. Anyone who has AOL knows what I'm talking about.

As the pictures finally displayed on my screen I thought to myself. Dayum this place looks familiar. Then when I got to the last picture I knew for certain where he was staying. He was staying at my best friends house! So immediately I called my friend from Atlanta's cell phone and asked him, who he was staying with in Philly. You know kids don't like to tell you things if they're not sure why you're asking. So he says at a friends house.

I don't like to play those games very long so I just said are you staying at Fi's house? There was silence for a second. He then said, How do you know? I said cuz that's my best friends house I recognize the furniture. I didn't recognize the house right away because like I said I haven't been there yet, but have seen pics. Well we all got a good laugh out of the 3 degrees theory. It's is such a strange phenomenon.

So I'm writing this post to let you know that if you do anything in your life don't do anything that you will be ashamed of. This could have been a life altering experience if I was not always true to myself. So I had no fear what so ever in these friends meeting. Neither of them would give me anything but praises to one another.

Simply stated. You betta watch what you do cuz it will always catch up with you.


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Terrence said...

Interesting story. There's been a few times similar situations have happened to me.

BTW, your friend picked a nice city in which to live. I love Philadelphia!