Sunday, April 02, 2006

Am I Wrong?

Life is funny. I just made a post the other day about people having lists for what they want and don't want from those they seek to date What's on your list.

Today I was tested by my own list. Please tell me if I failed. Tell me if I was wrong.

Looking like hell today, since I had been traveling so much I haven't had a chance to get my hair cut. So I threw on a hat and some sunglasses and went on my way to the gas station to fill my car up with $2.75 a gallon worth of gas. Grrrrrrrrrr mad as hell about that. But I gotta get to where I'm going. I drive up into the station and see this brotha asking people for change to wash their windows. So I drive to the far end of the station hoping, uselessly that he won't ask me for change. I was having a craving for those 2 for a dollar bags of peanuts so I gotta go in the station.

Low and behold here he comes right at me. "Hey brotha can I wash your windows for some change please". Yeah, I say.

He wasn't a bad looking brotha, and actually wasn't dressed to badly either. I actually liked the sweater he had on. So I got my nuts. When I come out he's finished washing the windows and started to put the gas in the car. I started thinking to myself, is this brotha on drugs or something. He doesn't look homeless at all.

So we start to pump the gas and he asks me where I was going home? Naw not just yet I responded. Gotta go to the grocery store. Yeah he says, that's why I'm here asking for change so I can buy some meat and have some meat and rice for dinner.

Well the conversation continues like that and he asks me if I was eating dinner alone. Yeah I say...why is that he questioned. That's the way I like it don't have to worry about what someone likes or doesn't like cuz it's just me. Oh ok he says, I was hoping you would invite me to dinner with you. Maybe some other time I said just to get out of the situation with out offending him.

Ok now it's obvious that he's flirting. Grinning at me and shyt like he wants to lick in spots on me that I need licked on. So I said what are you doing out here anyway. He said I"m waiting to get my SSI check and gotta do this til I get it so I can eat. Just making ends meet until then. (For yall that don't know...SSI is Social Security Insurance) So that means this brotha is on disability for some reason.

Now the thoughts in my head:

He is kinda cute, he's not homeless. But that SSI..what kinda disability does he have. (all kinds of illness went through my head) He ain't workin, Is he lying about some of this. What the hell would my friends say if I told them I'm dating this guy I met at the gas station who cleaned my windows and on SSI? Something's not right about this whole thing.

So I said my goodbye's to the brotha and told him to take care of himself. He told me to do the same and hopefully he would see me around since he lived in this neighborhood too in a luxury 1 bedroom apartment on 1st street. (Well 1st of all their ain't no luxury apts on 1st street. Unless he thinks it's still 1965 when they really were luxury apts.)

Aiight man I'm outta here and I drive off.

- So was I wrong for leaving this obviously available brotha at the gas station?
- Was my attitude superficial?
- Did I just contradict my post?

If some of yall think that I should go back to that gas station and get him, I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm not doing it. LOL


trent said...

Honestly, I think you may have made the right decision to politely leave him there in the gas station. It was really nice of you offer him money though.

I don't see where you were superficial and in any way contradicted your post. I mean, I know there are many different circumstances to meet a guy, but regardless of how attractive this guy was and how innocuous he "may" have been, it was better to go with your gut instinct like you did.

Trent Jackson said...


Uh, you leave trash in the streets den! Uh hello. He could have tried to sabotage you or something. But his story was cute though. You could have taken his number...

But you'll see him around. SSI checks once or twice a month? I don't know never got one. But yeah, you'll see him again.

But maybe his story was factual...who knows.

Side note: Why the hell is Bet Jazz playing Donnell Jones?

Disability Blogger said...

Here's the thing about disabilities. Most often, you can't see them, at least not at first. Especially if the disability is mental like bipolar disorder or depression. And even if the disorder is physical like a back problem, don't expect the person to be limping around 24/7, even if the person's pain is so bad that on some days they can't get out of bad. Usually if a person gets on disability, it is because they really do have a serious problem, because its pretty hard to get disability benefits.

Frederick Smith said...

Laaaawwwwwwd! You had me rolling with this story. Just the whole set up... could make for an interesting novel.

But... you never know where you'll find the person of your dreams.

ProfessorGQ said...

It's called "tastes and preferences" know what kind of men you like and qualities you do not want to deal with...therefore, pick someone who you would feel comfortable being around...short list or long list, it is whatever you prefer.

~HoustonNY~ said...

Hmm...Yeah, I think you did the right thing. I am sure that the brotha was probably telling the truth about everything, but the setting was not right. He could have really been mentally unstable and if you took him home, we would be reading about you on the Channel 9 news. I say that if it was meant to be, you will see him again. However, at least you were not shallow about the whole thing. You were nice enough to him and you were very polite. That in itself is where your blessing will come from...