Friday, March 31, 2006


This came to me while watching the Bernie Mac show today. It was a show about his sister getting married and he thought he would be walking her down the isle. Instead she asked his oldest brother to do it. It reminded me of a scene from my youth.

It was one of those nights when your parents had company and they call the kids out to dance or sing or something. I was really shy so there was no way I was dancing in front of anyone. Actually, I never would dance even in front of my family. Well my older brother went to the living room to dance to the latest music at the time. I can remember sitting on the stairs watching him and saying to myself. I can do that. I think I can do it better than him too. He makes me sick. He's always jumping up and running to the living room to dance for my parents guests.

Well by the time I got to middle school there were several dances and still I didn't dance. Then one dance this girl said to me that she never sees me dance and that I was going to dance with her wether I liked it or not. I danced with her and while we were dancing she built up my confidence telling me that I could really dance well. I think that was all I needed, cuz it boosted my confidence tremendously. I danced at every party from that point on.

Then next time my parents had guest and called my brother to dance. He went in there with his waterhead and started dancing. I had had enough at that point. While he was dancing I walked right in there and started dancing beside him. I did moves that he had never seen and couldn't do and my parents and their guests started yelling and clapping for me. I felt so proud.

The moral of this story is....never question what you can or can not do until you try it first.


plez... said...

Shake that thang! Shake that thang!
You gotta shake that thang!

Hey there, a very uplifting antecdote. It brings to mind that many times we are never more than a smile away from reaching our potential.

Trent Jackson said...

You better dance for me! I am gonna throw dollars at you!


Thank you for this post...
It brought back a defining moment for me...maybe I'll share it on Witty Wednesday

Marz said...

So ghetto, call the kids out to sing or dance for guests. Like yall the JAckson 5. (LOL)

MY PARENTS DID THE SAME THING. I would be like, "CAn yall buy a television or discuss politics, I am not here for your amusement".(LOL)

I used to be a dancer, but I stopped. But the junior prom is coming up.(HMM MM)

I like that moral, I'll have to see how I can apply that to my life.(Just found a few ways.)

P.S. There was no statcounter sunday this week, but if there was you took #1. Just thought you'd like to know. (Smiles your way.)


Terrence said...

FUNNY story, D.

My mother, aunts and uncle did the same thing.

We had to dance too, but they also made us (me and my cousins) recite our ABC's, colors, and multiplication tables for guests throughout the years. Sometimes we even got money as a perk. LOL!!

Man, those years were fun.

divine oasis said...

there is no such thing as can't. we only use like 8% of our brains. just imagine our potential.

i'm excited u like dancing now though. doesn't it feel good?

dugla said...

bless the hearts of those people along the way who gave us just the boost we needed and they probably don't even know.