Thursday, March 16, 2006

See I'm Not Crazy

I knew I wasn't crazy and sho in the hell knew how to operate a dayum automated wake up call at a hotel. I ended up waking up extra early yesterday, probably because my mind just would not rest thinking about waking up late for a class that I was the trainer. So I woke up extra early and watched TV waiting for that dayum wake up call.

Well low and behold, the phone never rang. So I went to the front desk and found out that there was some problems with the service. So it really wasn't me just being extra tired.

I knew I wasn't crazy. hmmmpf!!!!


Terrence said...

Can you get a partial refund or credit for another nights stay?

Marz said...


Pain and suffering, misrepresentation of professionalism skills. Yes I can see it now.


Trent Jackson said...

I would tell the hotel to inform your bitch ass boss of the problem so that bitch can put an end to the drout in her pussy and the voices in her head that have her acting whacked out like that!

"N" Search of Ecstasy said...

That's why I don't even f*ck with those wake calls. I just use my own alarm (the on my cell phone).

plez... said...

Hey there, D, thanks for stopping by my site... you should add plezWorld to your Favorite Places.

I hire sub-contractors on a project-by-project basis as the need arises, I'll definitely keep you in mind (but you gotta promise me that you're going to buy an alarm clock - I ain't having that late sh*t HA HA HA!). Thanks!