Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Need My Ass Beat BUT...

As somebodies old grandmother would say...Lawd A Mercie, you need yo ass beat!

I'm in Tx training folks on an upgrade to one of our systems. Just to set up this picture...I am tired as hell. I was just in Ohio, if you remember, training on the same thing and then home for barely 3 days and now in Tx. So my ass was tired.

This is my 2nd night here. So after training all day yesterday, then having to participate in an after training meeting until about 7:30 pm I finally was able to go and get some food in my body. I come back to my room eat and relax for a min. Before I knew it I was knocked out!

Well about 2am I woke up and realized that I had not called for a wake up call. Yeah you see where this story is going. Anyway, I set the automated wake up call for 6:30am. At 8am the next morning I get a call from one of the Mangers this is how it went:

Phone Rings

Me thinking to myself: Ok here's my wake up call. I answer still have sleep.

Manager: Are you coming down to training? Your partner Chris needs your help.

Me: Oh my God!!!! I didn't get a wake up call. I'll be down as soon as possible. I apologize I don't know how this happened.

So I get showered, dressed and down to the training room in a record 30 mins. So I'm 30 minutes late.

One of the other Managers Marie was standing in my training room. Not helping Chris if he did need help which it did not appear that he did. (side story, Marie and my manager loathe each other, so they are always trying to say undermine each other's staff) So, immediately I explained the situation to her. Don't you know that that Bitch rolled her eyes at me and said that's not a good excuse.

I started to tell that bitch that I wasn't not making an excuse but was just informing her. With that I walked to the front of the classroom with my bag and took over the class. Ya see as Black people we all know that we have to perform at 150% to be judged at an 75% performance, minimum.

The funny thing about all of this...I was wearing a pair of pants that I had just bought in the Outlet Mall since I got here. One of the trainees in the front of the classed whispered for me to come to where he was sitting. When I did he whispered in my ear that I had something on the side of my leg. Immediately, I knew what it was. It was those stupid ass waist sizes that they tape on to either jeans or khaki pants like I was wearing. I graciously said thank you and moved on with the rest of my performance.

What made me feel good was that this guy didn't care that I was late he was more concerned about me being embarrassed with this dayum tape on my leg. Then the head of Finance who was also at this training event came up to me later that day and says to me:

You are an excellent Trainer I think one of the best here, you really like training don't you?

That made me feel good...because without showing it throughout the day I kept thinking those fucking bitches weren't even concerned that something bad could have happened to me. I could have been dead in my room and the all they cared about was that dumb fuckah training would be was drowning! Well you shoulda helped his ass bitch until I got there is what I wanted to say.

The house note, shopping, traveling and the eating thing, just would not let me say it.


Trent Jackson said...

I'm playing catch up today!

I'm pretty sure that you'll get her ass back when she leasts expects it.

Try to catch her when she is getting a compliment... somebody may walk up to her and say "Oh you look nice today!" and quickly walk past and say "Only when she smiles..." and keep it pushing!

You're the bomb, you don't need the others to validate that for you.

ProfessorGQ said...

amongst all the assholes in the world, it is fortunate to find people with a decent heart to put us at ease.

Marz said...

UMMM.. why does your boss always have to be a bitch? (LOL)

and OMG. I SOOOOOOO thought he was going to say something else about the "thing" on the side of your leg. ( I need some bleach for this gutterish mind. LOL)


plez... said...

Your manager was correct, that really wasn't a very good excuse (but the b*tch should not have rolled her eyes, though).

You need to invest in an alarm clock. I travel over 90% of the time for the past 3 years and I'm constantly in different hotels. I never get wake up calls from hotels, because as you found out (on two separate occassions) they are extremely unreliable.

On a different note: I do systems training for my company and frequently have to hire contracors to fill out my training teams. You sound like a very good trainer.

I will add you to my BlogRoll to keep up with your posts. Thanks.