Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Solon, Ohio

Well I'm back from Ohio for a few days before my next trip to Dallas and Atlanta. The training started off a little rocky for me because the material was a little unfamiliar. Well not really unfamiliar but the way the, so called training professionals put our training material together was just piss poor. After, I decided to do things my way things went fine. It wasn't too cold only in the 30s so over all it was a good trip. For some reason though I'm tired as hell.

I had 2 incidents the entire trip so I guess that wasn't too bad. Even though I was only really there 3 days.

1st Incident: I was to go to dinner with a girlfriend that I hadn't seen in awhile, but she wasn't able to go, so another girl from the office decided she wanted to go with me. Ok cool I thought, I like her even though she is a little ghetto. She's still a really nice person and a lot of fun. Here's comes the ghetto part. She called me before we were to go out to tell me that she invited another girl from the office to go with us. I had just met this girl that day. Well dinner was cool and we had good convo but then I realized that these bitches expected me to pay for their meals with my corporate card. In the past that would have been no problem. It's not my money after all. Things have changed like I"m always saying in corporate america. Budgets are tighter and we have now been restricted to the amount we spend. Since this was not really a sanctioned dinner I could not pay for their meals on my card...So when the bill came neither one of these heffas lifted a finger to go into their purses for money. Ok whatever this is Ohio and the meal for the 3 of us wasn't that bad. So I split the bill up and paid for half on my corporate card and the rest on my personal. sigh Shouldn't they have been paying for me...shyt I was the one visiting?

2nd Incident: During my last class today I had given the trainees some exercised to do. This one older white woman says to me once we began to go over the exercises, "That last question was a trick question because you didn't give us all the information we needed to get the right answer?" So I asked her what she would do if this was a real situation. And she responded that she'd use another application that we use to get the information that she required.

So why didn't you do that this time, I asked. Because I'm not used to that I'm used to having all of the information and I didn't like this at all.

Oh not this wrinkled old crow is not coming for me. My response was simply this: Well Kathy you are in my world today and in my world I'm not giving you all the information so that you have to think about possibilities. After 12 noon today you will be back in your world and do whatever you want, but in here you will have to think.

The whole room roared with laughter...I guess they had been wanting to say something similiar to her ass for awhile. Even her manager gave me a smiling nod as if she was saying yeah get that ho!


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