Friday, March 31, 2006

What's On Your List?

I think it's interesting how people go about picking or deciding to continue to date someone new that they've met. We have all sorts of criteria for who we should date and sometimes I wonder if our criteria makes any sense at all.

I've heard reasons for ending dates for some of the strangest things. Here's a list of some:

- Didn't like his hair
- His dic was too small or too big
- I didn't like the sound of his voice
- He is an ex drug addict
- He's a recovering Alcholic
- He has a kid
- Didn't like the job he had
- Don't like the neighborhood he lives in
- Don't like his friends
- Too Skinny
- Too Fat
- Too many muscles
- Too Fem
- Too Masculine

Well I'm sure everyone has there reasons. My question to myself is are any of these valid reasons? I sort of don't think so. Most of the reasons above can probably be worked out in someway. Are these things that hinder us from being with someone that might just be "the one".? I have tried myself to thow out the superficial things that I find in a potential date that might be irritating. I must say it's not easy and there are still somethings that will only keep me partially intersted, doomed to end in approximately 2 months tops.

- No Job
- No Transportatation
- No Ideas of their own
- No contribution to the relationship
- No Sense of Humor
- Bad Hygiene (probably won't last more than a day) I will tell you about it and you better fix it right away if you want me to stick around.

I'm sorry I just can't get past these things. I guess I'm only human!

What's on your list???


Terrence said...

I would list "too fem" and everything that you listed under your personal list. Then I would add "talk too much". Oh Jesus, I cannot deal with a person that talks too much. I don't feel comfortable in changing them either. It's their personality.

Lack of transportation is not a problem for me though. If a person lives near buses and trains - they have transportation.

Add their two feet and magically they already have three modes of transportation. LOL!

Cool post.

Trent said...

The overriding characteristic on any list of personal dislikes I would disassociate myself from in a relationship is SELF-HATE, the shame of being a black or Latino of African descent. I just cannot abide self-hate, especially in one I have taken an romantic interest in.

Marz said...

You know how I feel about people having those long behind lists. I think it's just an extra gate to their heart, so they can have a way to justify being lonely.

" I would have a man, if I could find one whose fingers were four inches long, so they could reach the good part of my behind. But they have to be exactly four inches long". NEGRO PLEASE.

I need a unique soul, someone who is like NO ONE else. That's why I strive so hard to be a unique soul, because only the unique would want another who isn't assimilated.



Trent Jackson said...

Uh who is this other Trent...

But I like your second list. That first one is full of shallow insecurities that makes a person miss out on a true blessing.