Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jury Duty

Jury duty today. These are always long days in the courthouse. I might have felt better about it had I remembered to check to see if I was going to be called in the night before. Thank God, I was supposed to be at work at 5am or maybe the court would be looking to put me in jail or fine me. I woke up still sleepy this morning because I was up late typing a grant for a friend.

We interrupt this story for a side note:

A friend of mine Ricky just called me. I dated him at one time and we are still friends. He just was calling to see what I was up to.

T- I'm at Jury Duty.

R - Whaaat? Ooh I'm sposed to be doing it too, but they want you there too fucking early and I got things to do.

T - They are gonna fine you $5,000.00 and send yo ass to jail!

R - No they're not! Are they?? Well the woman told me to come back today but I got shit to do. Anyway, I'm going to get a note from my doctor saying I have AIDs and I can't sit in court all day cuz I'll be shittin all over myself. I'll get outta it, sheeeet!

T - You are crazy!!!!!

Back to the story.

Because we just implemented a new system I have to be at work at 5am. As soon as I walked into the building to work, it came to me. You didn't check-in for jury duty!! Of course I didn't have the nubmer with me to call in so I had to drive back home to call. Sure enough I had to report for service. Well at least I could sit around a little bit and relax before I had to be there.

So here I am sitting with all the other jurors, all praying that we don't get on a case. I began looking around the room to see if there were any cuties in here. Hmmm. There's one.

Looks a little young though. Glasses, darksin, short cut, wearing a polo shirt, backpack, and cargo pants. He's sitting in the back of the room where the chairs are set up in the same manner as in an airport, with rows of seats facing each other.

I multiple times I caught him looking at me and I looked back. When the Jury Supervisor called several names to the front his name was called to report to the specified courtroom.

I looked him dead in the eyes and he truned away looking down. Hmmm He doesn't know what to do in this situation or is being shady. For some reasn Marz came to my mind. Probably due to the shyness he exuded. He kept looking but not looking, looking but not get the picture.

As some jurors were called on to cases the crowd thinned out. As I refocused my eyes on the remaining jurors, what was revealed to me was a 6'3" slender thight bodied, brother in his 40's. He had that runnaway slave look to him that I've been looking for for quite some time. Tall, dark or brownskin slender tight body, nose that's spread accross his face, real thick lips, and long fingers.

While I was looking at that man he was looking at me too. He smiled and licked his lips. Is that a sign? Damn boy stop that, you gonna make my shit hard, I thought. Think aobut something else. Read your book. I'm reading the Bondswoman's Narritive. Believed to be one of the 1st manuscripts written by a slave. He's looking at me again. Just look away. Now why the hell am I acting like that shy youngin that just left the room?

Cus this motha fukah is hot!! Nice looking brothas like him always make me nervous. You know what? I'm gonna man up real quick. I ain't no punk. So I looked back at him right in the eyes and did the nod up. You know the whassup nod.

Lunch time!!

They release everyone for a 1 1/2 lunch. Everybody starts pushing for the door, but I lay back to avoid the rush for food. He turns to me and asks if I know where anyplace good to eat down here. At first just a small laugh fell from my lips. Then I quickly got my composure and said, Yeah I used to work down here do you want to join me?

"Sure I wouldn't mind your comapny at all", he smiled. He spread his gorgeous lips over his face and my legs became jelly.

I'm T by the way, reaching to experience those hands.

I'm G he said.


ProfessorGQ said...

Terry lost his damn mind...LOL...Got AIDS and shitting all over the place??? I thought that sickness is called diarrhea...

4GOTTEN1 said...

So get at me man and let me know what happend at lunch...I wish something like that would happen with me.

dugla said...

more more