Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Nice strong handshake, that's a good sign. A good handshake tells a person that you are genuinely pleased to meet them and that you are confident. Not like those weak limp wrist handshakes. They always make a person feel as if you are insignificant and as if they could care less that they are meeting you. I just want to slap a person that shakes my hand in that manner. This brotha gets 1 point for the handshake.

T - I know a good place we can eat. It's called Engine Co No. 28. It's in the Train Station. Nice place too. It's a little pricey though is that ok?

G - Sounds nice lets go. That might be a little far to walk though so I'll drive since you picked the place.

T - Cool. Another point. As we walked into the parking structure he guided me to his car, a Saturn Sky.

G - Do you mind if I put the top down? I just can't resist putting it down when the sun is out.

T- I don't mind at all. I love convertibles. I actually have a convertible too and feel the same way.

As we drove to the restaurant we listened to Corrine Bailey Rae sing Call Me When You Get This. 2 points mistah! We arrived at the restaurant and were seated where we began an extremely fluid conversation. As we enjoyed our meals we talked about college days, family, friends and our goals in life. Before this lunch was over I was hooked. Where has this mofo been? His smile was enchanting and made me nervous at the same time.

G- Wow I can't believe how fast the time has gone. It's almost time for us to get back to the Jury room.

T- Damn! I was enjoying this. I sure hope I don't get picked for a Jury.

G - Me too but lets not even think about it and maybe it won't happen.

We made it back to the Jury Room just in time. We sat and continued to talked for about 30 more minutes before I was called into a courtroom.

T- Damn! The look of disappointment came over G's face.

G - Hey court ends at 5pm so whether you get picked for a case or not meet me at my car in the parking lot at the end of the day. I want to give you my phone number so that we can hookup at another time.

T- Sure. I'll meet you there.

I sat in that dayum courtroom all afternoon praying the whole time I would not get pulled into the Jury Box to be interviewed by these arrogant Attorney's. My luck just was not with me today as they released another Juror and called my name. The Juror they release said that she was a Psychic. The whole courtroom snickered as she said it. One of the Attorney's even asked her if she knew how the case would end. She replied, No, it doesn't work like that for me. The Defense Attorney didn't even ask her any questions and just asked for her to be dismissed.

As I sat in the Jury Box the Judge asked me if there was anything that I'd like to say before the questioning started. Yes I said. I wish I was a Physic so that I would know wheter these Attorney's were going to pick me or not. Again the courtroom roared with laughter.

It only took one question for me to be released. Had I known I would not have been so nervous. I was asked did I know anyone who was on a case similiar to this assault case. My response was yes. After a bit of silence, the Prosecutor asked me to be released. Happy about thier decision I stood and exited. Now I wish they would have called me much earlier in the afternoon. Now there it was 4:55pm the court day was almost over.

I went back to the Jury room as instructed but all the other Jurors were gone. They were released early. After getting my Jury Served papers I exited on my way to meet a great guy in the parking lot.

When I approached G in the parking lot he had that smile again. Again my legs became jelly. But I pushed on.

G- I missed you. Now that I'm missing you I don't want to be without you tonight. Let's do something spontaneous and catch a flight to San Francisco and have the best date of our lives.

T- Just let me get home and pack a bag and I'm all yours. Uhhhh I mean I'm game.

G - I liked your first response better because I think I want to be all yours too.


ProfessorGQ said...

Is this a true story? If so, all I can say is...Wow! Wow! Wow!

P.S. Do you mind cloning him for me? LOL

Marz said...

OOOOOOHHH. I like this. It makes jury duty sound so FUN and exciting.


dugla said...

What a nice story. That is a modern-day fairytale.

Anonymous said... if this is a true story, does Mr. Right have a little brother? This has to be one of your short stories.