Monday, May 22, 2006


What are the possibilities of the Black Man or Woman? It's said that possibilities are endless. What do you think? Sometimes it feels like at every turn in one's life there are obstacles that get in the way of one's success or happiness. Is it a conspiracy crafted by some unknown source that knows the beginning of our dreams.

We're told to just keep trying and all will work out for the good. I'm scared right now that the good is too far out of my reach to enjoy it while I'm able to enjoy it. Is anyone else afraid of that? It feels like a curse when you have so many dreams that they don't allow you to focus on one. I've heard that the most intellient people are those that dream and have an imagination.

One thing that I can say that I do have is hope. Hope keeps me going each day. It wakes me up and gets me through. Is hope enough. I say no. We all need the following:

and Love

My mission is to acquire all of the above and to give them as well. I want to be free of the bonds of societal norm and work the system like those that have before me.

I know I'm blubbering on and on, I'm just tired of being tired.

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chris said...

Keep Hope alive.