Thursday, February 16, 2006

Help me through it.

Marz, this is going to be one of my black power posts as you called it one time when we spoke. LOL

Why don't I get satisfaction out of my ability to see the big picture and communicate it to "them" at my company? There have been several times that I have given insight on a particular area of our business early on in many projects that occur. Almost every single time that I've done this I have received blank stares from "them" and then they move on with the conversation as if I never said a word? (Damaging to your spirit)

Then several months to a year later, one of "them" will bring up the very thing that I mentioned months prior. Now this is when all of "them" practically pat each other on the back handing out accolades and such over a concept that they heard months from me.

Is it my presentation?
Is it my breath?
Do I have a speech impediment?
Do I smell?

The answer to those questions is "Hell to the Naw". The true anser I believe is, they are just not trying to hear you. "They" don't see you or hear you.

Help me through this. What do you do to stay sane?


dugla said...

Blogging helps. let it out...

When you think about it, their act of ignoring you creates a lot negativity between you and them - from such a seemingly small act. I would find an act of my own to affect them the same. That would balance out the workplace a little better. Yikes, that sounds wicked. But I certainly wouldn't acquiesce and let that negativity fester in me alone.

Marz said...

Stop suggesting stuff, so you won't be mad when they take your idea.


trent said...

I understand you! There are times when I must remind myself that not all of "them" are the same. That is, some are okay. Those who aren't okay, I try to be kind to and live peacefully with them. Why should I let their negativity ruin my soul? I make an effort to be friendly with those who honestly seek my company as a friend.

Langston Hughes had to reminded himself that some of "them" are okay many times because in general he did not like white folks. A lot of "them" who thought he liked them were mistaken. Yet, he still managed to put a more humane face on them in his stories than most of "them" ever did in their stories of his people. He could have easily used his skill as a writer to reward their hate with hate, but he didn't. These certain folks like to do an injustice and characterize all his writing as "wry" to make it more comfortable for them to read. In truth, Hughes could be angry and bitter and disgusted, but still hopeful about the future.

I guess this is why I like Hughes so much. I share his opinion of "them" in general. I like knowing that he "loved" the brothers so much. I like knowing that he cared about black folks so much. I like knowing Hughes was like me.

Hughes said I had a right to be angry. But, I shouldn't hate and be mean spirited.

D-Place, you hang in there and don't let'em make you stumble and fall.