Sunday, February 26, 2006


This is the teaser for the show Flavor of Love for today's show: Three girls are left! Things are getting serious so Flav decides it's time to meet the ladies' parents. He flies all the parents into town and takes them out for a meal and an activity he thinks their mothers and/or fathers might enjoy. From mani/pedies to tennis, Flav is out to impress. Hopefully for the girls, their parents will be on their best behavior as well, because after all the old folks have left, one of the girls is going to be sent home. This episode ends with one of the most bitter, brutal and trashy eliminations ever.

Things heated up on the show today. I know this is a crazy reality show, but I just can't stop watching it. These women are out of their minds! The show got real heated today. Hence the title of my blog today.

Spit - Silava that is ejected from one's mouth with high velocity.

That white girl Pumpkin spit right in New York's face!!! Now that was not funny at all. That's happpened to me before. I was at a party at a friends and we decided to go to the corner grocery store for some more ice. While we are standing in line this White boy was behind us mumbling. I have no idea what he was saying and really wasn't paying him any attention. The line was real long and we were trying to hurry back to the party. So the liguor department cashier opened up so we ran to that register to beat it outta there. Well this White boy comes running over there too and pushes his way in front of me and says I'm first. What the Eff!!! What's wrong with you I got here first I said as I pushed his ass right to the back of the line. We paid for our ice and were walking past the newly formed line in the liquor dept and this mofo spits on the back of my neck.

I froze for a min...Just like New York did...I just couldn't believe it. Less then 2 seconds later my senses were back with me and I turned around, saying my favorite words. Mutha Fukah and proceeded to punch his ass right in the mouth knocking him into one of the aisles. Then the cashier asks me if I wanted to call the police because he saw the whole thing. I said hell yes. So we waited for the police to get there. Once they arrived the policewoman tells me that what he did was assault and that I could press charges. She also told me that since I hit him, he could file charges against me as well. Then she said, if I was you I wouldn't file charges. But I would have done the same thing as you, tried to knock him the fuk out. There was no way in hell that I was going to jail so I had to leave with the satisfaction that I knocked that mutha fukah one good time! The police were goin to drive the boy home. Well I be damned, the bastard lived in the same building where my friend was having his party. I was done for the evening.

Anyway, back to New York, after she recovered from the shock of the projection. Ole Pumpkin thought she was going to just walk away free and clear, vindicated from all the craziness of New York. Oh hell to the naw, Pumpkin. New York tried to grab the bitch by the hair and when she couldn't get it pushed her in the back and said I will fuk you up. They pulled New York back and rushed Pumpkin out of the house, cuz things were bout to get even uglier. New York wanted to go outside and whop her ass forgetting for a min all about not being given her clock yet.

Too bad she pushed her, although you know I don't blame her. She could have sent that ho to jail and got some money outta VH1. So I guess she's just going to stay her crazy ass on the show and try to win Flava Flav. Lawd today! Oh yeah, that Pumpkin must have really had some funky ass breath for New York to say she could smell it in her spit! DAYUM!!!

It was one of the best episodes on the entire show. New York's mother is not having her crazy daughter hook up with Flav. You could tell that by the number of times that she said never ever ever ever ever ever ever are you going to marry that boy. I can kinda see why New York has some problems...her mama is one controlling so and so. And Hoops...her mama is a ho, tryin to steal her boyfriends! Dayum and she was tryin to get at Flava Flav too. Just too funny the whole thing...and oh so sad.

The show has no redeeming elements to it at all. I just can't stay away from a good cat fight though.


Terrence said...

I've never seen the show except for clips on the blog Crunk and Disorderly.

The spitting thing is one of the most horrendous acts a person could do to another person. What's up with white people spitting on folk?

What dude did to you was crazy. Glad you clocked him. I would have too.

Trent Jackson said...


It's clearly acting, cause hoops is lesbionic!

But that spit...she could have just socked New Yorks stupid looking ass and darted off.

ProfessorGQ said...

Although I think New York is a lunatic, she had every right to go after Pumpkin and beat her ass to a pulp. First of all, Flav should have let her no matter what the rules of fighting were.

Terrence said...
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Terrence said...

I finally saw the last two episodes of this show and I really liked the girl New York.

Even though I just saw two episodes, I can't believe Flav selected Hoops over New York. I bet NY's mother was happy like a mutha.

Anyway, Flava Flav must be a really nice dude on the inside.

Anonymous said...

Man i cannot believe he picked Hoopz. Who wrote this? Iz u black? anyway, if u aint... stop ackin like it, do us all a favoa. but if u iz... i feelz u!

D-Place said...

yeah i'm blk. iz u?