Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Black History Month Begins


Does that mean anything to you? Should it? Are you too young to understand the struggles of Black people? Are the struggles just too foreign?

Well I say it should mean something to you. You're not too young to understand the struggles of Black People, and the struggles are not foreign at all.

If you don't what it means that the African American community has created a time for us to focus on the accomplishments of not only our ancestors but ourselves. You can take pride in the accomplishments of our predecessors and strife to do great things yourself. The media will make you feel like you are worthless, Asian store owners will profile you as a theif, Police will harras you. You know these things are not true of all of us, possibly including yourselves. Just like it is not true of any race of people.

You are not too young to understand the struggles of Black people because this does not just include the struggles of the Civil Rights of the 60's. Black History Month includes the struggles of today as well. This month is meant to inspire you to do great things by showing you great things. Think about all of the activities that go on during this month in your own cities. Doesn't it inspire you to want to do more? Or just give you pride in seeing a reflection of yourself in something that was created by your own people and not diluted by the whitewash of the media.

The struggles are not foreign because you are facing struggles that only Black people face today similiar to those of the 60's. The execution of such struggle enduced forces are more hi-tech, for lack of better words. Have you been in a meeting and the only Black person there and wonder why when you speak there is a pause and then your comments seem to go unnoticed? Have you ever eaten lunch at work with a minimum of 3 other Black people and been asked if you were holding a meeting? Have you ever seen a white woman subtly hold her purse a little tighter as you walk by? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you know what struggle is. You may have gotten used to these things but they do still affect you.

So instead of jumping on the band wagon of why have a Black History Month or why is it only 1 month that we celebrate. Just simply celebrate it. It is a month long today that is globally recognized. Tomorrow it could be two months. Just feed your soul with the beauty of us and feel worthy to celebrate for one month, two months or all year long.

Just celebrate...who cares if the non-African Americans don't see a need for it. Do you think that they care if you see a need for things they celebrate?

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Terrence said...

Great post, D.

And you are absolutely right with the "bandwagon" reference.

Enough already.