Sunday, January 29, 2006

My Weekend

Friday 3pm I'm rushing out the door of work to get in my car and rush home to meet one of my bookclub members so that we can get on the road and get to Montecito. Yeah that's where Oprah lives...might even see where she lives I was thinking.

Well fate sometimes has other plans for you. So as we were driving in the horrible L.A. traffic I get a phone call from one of my bookclub members who says they made it to the house and are leaving. Ya see every year we rent a house in a city in driving distance for a retreat. We bond, have some fun, review our current book and plan what we'll do in the next year. Just a weekend of relaxation mainly. And a good time to do it after the holidays and just when everything is starting to get back to normal or so we think.

At any rate. The member tells me that there was a bit of false advertising goin on with the house we rented. It was a 4 bedroom but it was not exactly set up as a vacation rental. It appeared that whomever owns it just left the house and usually live in it. They found almost a full refrigerator full of food clothes in piles on the floor of the closet, the drying running and 2 of the bedrooms were decorated for children. Not what the pictures on their website suggested at all. In one of the childrens' room was a toddler's bed...not big enough for an adult to sleep in for sure. So the 3 members that were there first decided we were not going to stay there since 8 of us would be arriving. Instead they made arrangements for us to stay at the Embassy Suites Mandalay Beach Resort (which is in Oxnard, Ca) and get some suites for us to continue our weekend. The picture above is of the hotel. It was actually a pretty nice hotel...and right on the beach which made it even nicer.

And as you know the Embassy Suites always has free breakfast and free HAPPY HOUR!!!!! Yes, we took advantage of both! So you know black people we can make the best out of any situation and that we did. We continued with our retreat as if the Embassy Suites were a part of our plan all along. All in all it was a very pleasant weekend. Not to mention that the Camarillo Outlet mall is not that far away from it. For those of you that don't know I'm a shop-a-holic! Yes I bought some shyt.

Speaking of buying shyt. Last week the TV in my office had been acting a little funny...u know had the horrizontal lines moving through it rather slowly. Dayum...I'm gonna have to buy a new TV. After a couple of minutes the thing started working right. Good, I won't have to buy one right away. On Thursday, I was doing some work on my computer and had HGTV on in the background. I'm addicted. All of a sudden there is no sound!

Dammit! Now I have to buy a TV..well it was time, I've had this one for many many years...probably longer than the age of some of you reading this. So off to Circuit City I go. Damn it feels good not to have to worry about stuff like this and you can just go replace it. It doesn't seem like so long ago that I would have had to save up for a min. b4 replacing it. Anyway so I get a new TV and bring it home for my office, plug it into the cable, vcr and DVD player turn it on ...yes to HGTV...and what the fuk! There is no sound!!!!! It wasn't the TV it was the cable channel that had no sound!


Well I needed a new TV in this room anyway... :-)


Marz said...

Don't let me find out I have to drag you to AA. (Along with several others. LOL)

Glad you had fun. What book were you doing? (Maybe I missed it let me look again.)


D-Place said...

The book we read was A Million Little Pieces. We started reading it before the whole scandal.