Thursday, January 12, 2006

Rent Review & Surprise Visit

Imma have to watch it again earlier in the day cuz my ass fell right to sleep on this thing.

Dugla, I'm going to give it another chance.

Krazy Nephew I'm ready to move to another state with my equity right now!! I prefer DVDs too, nothing better then making a movie setting in front of my big screen with the fireplace, surround sound and some fresh popped popcorn.

On to this evening and surprise visit.

I had the opportunity of meeting JL King. Herndon Davis, a friend of mine had dinner with him and they stopped by to chill while JL waited until time to go to the airport and return home to Atlanta. I thought that I wasn't going to like him at all and sort of wanted the opportunity to give him a little grief about his book. That didn't really happen.

Perhaps he has garnered some skill in the art of having a converstaion go his way to deflect any negative converstion that I might have initiated or he has just evolved into a different image from what I previously had of him. By the time he left to catch his plane I believe the latter to be true.

He was actually a very nice guy. Cordial, interested in what I had to say and not the monster that I thought he might be. I did bring up speak on how he made a lot of people angry with his book and his appearance on Oprah. His response was that he didn't care what they thought. This took me back for a sec. Then he continued by saying that no matter what you do, there are going to be people that are going to say or think negative things about you. Because of that one can not pay much attention to the negativity and that one should surrond themselves with positive people and not bring your spirit down with negativity. Now how can you argue with that.

We all have been the victim of negativity and know that folks will talk even without your being in the public eye. But really who cares as long as you are being true to yourself. He did admit that he is not the same person that he was on the Oprah show and was excited about new projects that he is working on.

I'm definetely one to give people a chance so lets see what JL has in store for us and hopefully we will have reason to be nothing but proud. And if you read this JL thanks for a pleasant evening.

And Herndon, thanks for the opportunity!! Love ya!


Trent Jackson said...


I agree with J.L. King on that matter what you do they will always find something! There is no pleasing anyone...

But I am learning that, please yourself. We kind of put ourselves in the line of fire of wanting to be in the public eye, so we have to roll with the punches and weather the storm.

I still can't believe they were in your living room though.

Terrence said...

D, you showed lots of class and finesse by not going there.

In regards to King being nice, I guess I'd be nice too if I made a truckload of dough off a sensational book.

I would love to see the "new and improved" King. People do change.