Wednesday, January 11, 2006


No baybee. I'm a homeowner I don't pay rent.

I had no intentions of going to see the movie Rent. For some reason I just was not at all interested in it. However, A friend of mine will be voting for movies in the SAG Awards so he gets copies of DVDs for all the movies that are being nominated. So he let me borrow it. I'm going to watch it tonight so I'll be letting you know if I'm going to be as disappointed as I think I am.

Oh yeah, someone sent this to me today. I might have to write a post about Wiggas one of these days. click here


Krazy Nephew said...

Keep that house up. Get the price value plus some. (LOL)

I think all movies should just come out on DVD. That way we can just buy the movie on sale, and not waste the twenty dollars of the movies. (You, the probable whore you take, and snacks.)

dugla said...

I thought the movie was good. I could have done without a lot of the music breaks. The best part was the story

Trent Jackson said...

um call me over when you watch it. I want to see it too.