Friday, February 10, 2006


Have you ever been soo tired that you don't even know what to do with yourself except just sit still. Well that's where I am right now.

Sitting still.

I was going to write about all the things that I've been doing but, after typing about 4 paragraphs, I said oh hell no that would be boring as you know what! And I got tired of what the I was even writing. Here's a list of somethings though.

1. Testing New System at work
2. Preparing to train 400 sales people. (They are gonna wear me out for 3 weeks in March)
3. Executing a Black History Month Celebration for my company which included:
* Creating Invitations
* Creatng Flyers for each desk in the company (approx 1500)
* Purchasing raffle prizes
* Organizing a luncheon for the executives, our speaker, and other Black Employees.
4. Helpinig to organize a Fundraiser.
* Creating Invitations
* Creating Appreciation Certificates
* Assisting the Fundraisers with compiling the program (he calls 2 and 3 times a day with questions)
5. Creating an Employee handbook for a guy that owns a gym. (he wants it by Wednesday)

I think I'm going to be tired until the End of April ...Lord help me!

Ok art always brings me joy so here's some joy to share with you.


Shawn said...

I like the artwork of the guys playing ball.

dugla said...

All amazing.

Charles X said...

i never did thank you for your tough-love-esque advice you gave me on my blog! yes. i need to learn not to stay still!

Terrence said...

Full plate.