Thursday, November 16, 2006


There is an African Proverb which succinctly captures the humanity upon which a sense of community is founded:

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabanye ngabantu Motho Ke motho Ka batho

The broad meaning of this proverb is that each person's huminity is ideally expressed through his or her relationship with others, and theirs in turn, through a recognition of that person's humanity.

Nelson Mandela

Photo title: Self-Portrait with Clarence Profit
artist: James VanDerZee
process:vintage gelatin silver print

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BronzeBuckaroo said...

I love the photograph and the African proverb. If you can, be sure to check out VanDerZee's book if photographs. Spike Lee owns one of the original pictures of the Harlem basketball players shown on my blog. It's the one with 7 players standing shoulder to shoulder.