Monday, February 26, 2007

Black is Beautiful

As a black man if you don't think that you are beautiful then you should look at these blogs and webpages.


Most Proper




Even though you may not look like the men posted on these blogs you are still beautiful in your own way. Look at yourself and see the beauty that you possess. Be it your eyes, skin, hands, feet, lips, your mind or anything else you are beautiful. Believe it! The world watches black men and tries to copy what we are (what a ridiculous thought). Since they can't copy us effortlessly the world tries in subtle and not so sublte ways to diminish us. No matter what they do they just can't.

Do you know why?

Because we are just naturally beautiful and talented. Bask in your beauty and the beauty of our brothers.


Anonymous said...

Preach D! Let the church say AMEN! Let the world say AMEN! We are black and we are strong!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Yes! Yes! YES!

blkbutterfly said...

this made me smile... i thought of the excerpt from Their Eyes Were Watching God that Ellis Cose uses for his book, Envy of The World? Are you familiar w/ it?

Anonymous said...

Very Nice...Makes me want to run to the nearest gym though.

Marz said...

I thought the same thing the other day looking @......(HEHEHE)



H2B said...

Thanks for the link, and this is a great positive post