Monday, March 19, 2007

Sometimes I Can't Stop Cryin

I have known a lot of people who have passed away due to AIDS complications. That's what it's called when the virus has successfully been able to hinder a necessary function of your body.

Sometimes I feel lonely, because so many of my good friends are gone and I cry.
Sometimes I wonder why AIDS didn't get me and I cry.
Sometimes I think about all the pills that are necessary for someone with AIDS to take and how at times the pills make them sick or don't work at all, and I cry.
Sometimes I run across a picture of one of my friends smiling as they posed for the camera and I cry.
Sometimes, I can't recall all the names of everyone that I've known to pass away from AIDS when you watch one of those shows about AIDS and at the end they do something to pay tribute to those that have gone, and I cry.
Sometimes I think about my friends who passed before the drugs that came around to make them look like they are healthy, and I cry.
Sometimes I think about the new people in my life that over the years I have learned to love to fill the empty spaces of my other friends and I cry.
Sometimes when I see one of my departed friends relatives and they hug me real tight, I cry.
I miss my friends and I cry.

Sometimes I can't stop crying. When will I be able to stop crying?

Photo by Greg McNeal


Anonymous said...

Hang in there...know that you are loved, always


kennyking78 said...

Ohmygosh. This was freakin' beautiful! That was truly poetry in motion. I am deeply touched and in tune with what is going on in our community due the AIDS epidemic. I think it would be a shame to be anything but aware and involved. What touched me the most is that, in your words, you have demonstrated that above all, these were/are people that you loved regardless. I don't know why some have it and others don't. If there weren't those of us who do not or have yet to get it who will be there keep our other brothers spirits up? It is sad and makes me want to cry as well, but the LOVE that emanates from your words definitely makes my heart smile. God bless you brother.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Honestly, right now I seriously feel for you and all you mentioned in your very heartfelt words. A big cyber hug to you, D. Maybe one day I can offer you a real one.

Anonymous said...

That was heavy!!

Sometimes I read D's Place and I cry,
but I cry of good memories recalled on by D.

Yo, keep posting and thanks man

deepnthought said...

just awesomely beautiful.

That Dude Right There said...

Sometimes I feel the same way. I would very much recommend that you watch "Life Support" on HBO starring Queen Latifah and Evan Ross.

Watching that movie touched me much the same way that your post did.

blkbutterfly said...

a beautiful and eloquent post. of course, i hate that you even have to write something like this...

just keep loving and supporting those around you.

Anonymous said...
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D-Place said...

the captain left a negative comment on my blog about this post. Since I run this post I deleted his comments. I don't care if people don't like what I say or how I feel but I will not allow them an avenue to spew hypocrytical comments on my blog. This is who the captain says he is, I think not: A gifted by God, anointed by the King, and blessed by the Church, educated, young, successful, Black male in Chicago that is an average person, seeking truth in every way possible. I'm diverse, eager to learn from others; twice as fast to listen, slow to speak, but powerful in thought and strong in expression!

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Stand your ground, D. Trust me, I am learning this myself.