Saturday, May 05, 2007

Support Black Business

Ok here I go again preaching about supporting black businesses. The reason that I am so passionate about this is because the only way that the Black Community will be a financially viable group is if we support each other and diversify the types of business that we start.

Hence my promoting the following Black Business.

MyPhoneNet Communications.

It's internet phone service. If your looking for a new way so save costs on your phone service. This is a new technology that is emerging and convenient and most of all AFFORDABLE!

How it works:

Transforms your highspeed internet connection into a regular phone line. You simply connect your existing phone to your modem using an adapter. Then you can start making and receiving calls right away! That's all!

Comes with your own phone number and works just like your regular phone line. You can call anyone and anybody can call you. You even have the option of using the phone number that the MyPhoneNet Communications provides or be assigned a new phone number. Best of all it on average it is 45% cheaper than your current phone company.

You'll save a bundle on long distance. Any calls that you make or receive within your area is considered free. The calls are unlimited with in the U.S. and Canada. Not to mention that calling Puerto Rico and Europe is FREE! You don't have to pay any long distance charges. You can travel or even move to another country and call friends and family as if you were at home.

So check out MyPhoneNet Communications for complete details on this new way to call family and friends.

Now just imagine the power that we would begin to bring to the community with our hands in telecommunication on the cutting edge!

Anyway, that's my lastest black business plug. Hope you find it beneficial!

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Terrence said...

Cool. I love reading about Black businesses. WE should do this more often.

By the way, what's the bio on the owners?