Monday, August 13, 2007

Daaa Daaa Daaa Dahhhhhh

Ok I just had a birthday on the 11th. I used to throw a party to celebrate. But as the years pass by (faster than a speeding bullet...sigh) I haven't celebrated many in big ways in recent years. I didn't bring this birthday to many people's attention. However, the word seems to get out anyway. I got the normal Happy Birthday wishes. Which were all appreciated.
Thank you very much to all of you who remembered and called, sent a card or an email.
I guess I kept this birthday quite because I wanted to savor the last few years that I have left of this decade silently. Yeah a big one is knocking on my door.
Anyway, like I was saying my birthday was uneventful just like I planned. Sunday things changed. I went to an afternoon fundraiser and then to catch up to some folks after that. I was in the company of a few bloggers (Frederick Smith, Trent Jackson and KennyKing), friends and new acquaintances at The Abbey in West Hollywood, who made me laugh out loud, drink probably more than I should have for a Sunday and enjoy the last of my birthday weekend. I'm writing this blog in appreciation for one of those bloggers in particular.

Kenny King...this was my 1st time meeting Kenny. I have read his blog regularly over the past year and as I told him, I love his blog. (There are other blogs that I love too so don't feel slighted other bloggers,) I like the way he says things, I like the genuineness of his spirit that illuminates from his words and how good I feel after reading his posts. He always makes me smile.
Well I'm here to tell you that he is one of the nicest guys that I've meet in years. It is so wonderful to meet someone whom you have a favorable impression of prior to your meeting and then when you finally do meet, all your thoughts are surpassed. He is a beautiful and kind man. (and I really mean beautiful in every sense of the word!!) I deem Kenny King my Birthday Super-Hero of 2007.
Thank you Kenny for rescuing my uneventful birthday and for reinforcing my thoughts that there are truly nice brothas in the world by just being in your presence.


kennyking78 said...

D, we sure did have a good time, didn't we?!!!!

Meeting you and hanging out with you guys at The Abbey sealed the entire weekend for me! You are a warm spirit, an extremely handsome man, and an all around decent human being. Your conversation flowed and was not forced. Your sincerity moved me. We must keep in touch and not let this be the last time we connect in person.

Happy Birthday again, and I think we should do the next one in a BIG way!!!!

Trent Jackson said...

Kenny is amazing!
We had such a good time...and I am going to buy you a pair of the come fuck me boots!

D-Place said...

Kennyking: Thank you!!!

Trent Jackson: Miss with with those boots. You wearing them wrong is quite enough.

Anonymous said...


glad to see u had a fantastic Sunday and hope the days that follow will be just enjoyable if not more! Peace


Joseph said...

happy belated b-day... besos from NYC.


Deep Fried said...

Happy Birthday. Love the Green Lantern -- he's a secret crush of mine.