Sunday, December 09, 2007

I Remember

I want to dedicate my post today to Fuzzy. I don't know him but I've read his blog a few times in the past and his latest post touched me and insprired me to write my own post. As you know I didn't think I would be writing anything this soon. Thank you Fuzzy.

A couple of days ago I received an email from one of my younger cousins. The subject in the email said Remember Grandmother. 3 years ago my grandmother passed away just before christmas. My cousin was feeling sad and missing her so she sent all of our relatives an email just to say that she missed our grandmother and what she remembered most about her. Well her email sparked everyone to respond with something that they remembered about my grandmother and what made her so special to us.

The interesing thing about all of the emails was that everything that everyone said in their emails was something that started with my grandmother but connected us to another releative. Many of us live in different states and cities so we're a little discoonnected. This email for me strangely made me feel as if we were all at my grandmother's house, like we used to be, sitting around her table and talking about what we remembered and what she meant to us.

For me that's what christmas should be about. Remembering family members that are now gone and renewing connections with your relatives.


HisLoveCoversMe said...

Nice posting. Very nice blog.

Blessing on you an your family.

WhozHe said...

Beautiful sentiment. Christmas is about family and happy memories.

fuzzy said...

I inspired this? :-)

While in class, supervising these bad a$$ kids, I actually began to tear... This gives me an idea for this Christmas. Maybe circulate A pic of my mother, grandmother, and great uncle and remind each other of how things once were and maybe "we" can create a glue and save what's left to be saving and possibly rebuild.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Beautiful, D. Your heart is in every word.

kennyking78 said...

This is a beautiful post.

We are all connected.


blkbutterfly said...

what a loving thought and post. i had a convo w/ a friend a few days ago and she was astounded when i told her presents wasn't the most important part of Christmas. like you said, it's about family and the moments you share.