Tuesday, February 05, 2008

After The Rain

It has finally stopped raining in LA. Thank God cuz I have a leak from one of my decks and it was causing me much grief. Now the workman are finally getting that together so I'll be ready for the next big rain and not have to fight the water from messing up my floors and everything else.

A while ago I said I was going to take a picture of something each day just to stay creative and to make sure I noticed things that I may not normally. If your a regular reader of my blog you know that didn't happen. LOL

Anyway since it was so clear after the rains I decided to take some pictures. Here's a couple one from my office window and one as I was driving through my neighborhood down to Sunset Blvd on my way to work.


Gerard said...

These are wonderful photos. I hope you're able to take pictures as often as you had planned (and that you'll share them).

BronzeBuckaroo said...

This scenes are wonderful. I wish I had your views to look at from any window.

fuzzy said...

Very nice and bright! Get deck fixed. Water may be peaceful, but it may have much fury! Handle that!!!