Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Never Said Good Morning

it's early saturday morning
i wake you up and tell you that we have to go help your cousin..(you buy that cuz she always needs your help)
surprisingly you didn't even ask what was wrong this time
we quickly get dressed and head to the car
we get in the car and i'm driving
but instead of heading to your cousin's we head in another direction
stop asking me baby I'm not telling you where we're headed you'll see soon enough
we're on our way to the airport you scream
you're suddenly confused, asking me why we are here
i tell you that I'm taking you on a short trip
cover your eyes so you can't see our destination i want it to be a surprise.
you bombard me with questions.
how long are we staying?
what about clothes?
do i need a jacket?
i just look out the window
i park the car and walk you into the airport
we are in flight and the damn pilot announces how long it's going to take to get to Tobago
u get excited and squeeze my hand
i smile back at you
we arrive in Tobago and a white bentley picks us up and takes us to a white villa
as we walk through the lavishly decorated home you say i love you baby
your surprises are the best
we go to the kitchen and i give you something to drink and then undress you
stay right there I say
in the bedroom i open a suitcase that i had shipped prior to our arrival with our clothes
turn your back to me baby, i say as i walk towards you
i tie a colorful sorong around your waist that highlights the beauty of your skin and another around myself
i guide you to the back yard that is surrounded by lush landscaping
i take your hand and walk you through the trees to a clearing near a stream and small waterfall
i turn you to face me and tell you how much you mean to me.
i tell you how glad i am that i found you.
i tell you how you have enhanced my life
i tell you that my life before you was only preparation for you
and then get down on one knee and say
since life has now pepared me for you
there's no way that i want to grow old without you
will you marry me?
when you stop crying and say yes
our families run out of the trees cheering and smiling
they hug you and pull you away from me kissing you and laughing
i walk through the crowd of our families searching for your hand
i find it and pull you close to me
your head rest on my chest only hearing my heart beat
it's saying to you...i only beat for you
after the celebration and our families return to their hotels
we venture back to the waterfall in the warm night air only in our sorongs naked underneath
we end the night making love with the mist of the waterfall wetting our bodies until we glisten
the smell of gardenias envelopes us as we begin to fall asleep in each others arms.
i whisper in your ear,
hey baby i never said good morning.


blkbutterfly said...

i love this! it made me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. :-) i hope you'll share more w/ us...

THARULA said...

thats was hot man, just thought i'll show you some love.

jerzey_reality said...

U said it blkbutterfly...that does make u feel all nice. Waitin for the day that happens to me lol. Had to show some luv

BronzeBuckaroo said...

Romantic!!! Beautiful!!!
It made me feel all warm in soul and heart. Please get this published!!!!!!

KB said...

alright who told you to step into my mind and retrieve one of my dreams/fantasties? lol. this is one of the most beautiful experiences i've ever read. i needed that!

Prince Xem VanAdams-Lumumba said...

...Only in My Wildest Fantasies...


4GOTTEN1 said...

This is what i've been ...waiting for searching for....longing for, this is what i need

Chet said...


c0nn3ction said...

Yes I do have you as a favourite on my blog and that is because your blog is amazing! I read ever word and love every pic.

Thank You!

taylorSiluwé ..... said...

Warm ... Fuzzy -- can't be said better than that.

Moanerplicity said...

Felt like a real slice-of-life. And yes, it was warm, fuzzy & mad beautiful, too.


One Man’s Opinion said...

Everyone has already said it. This is the most romantic moment ever.

fuzzy said...

WoW! That sounds something I would do! That is extreme romance at its best! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...
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Mike Spike said...

Now that is what I call Love. "My life before was only preparation for you"......perfection!

Anonymous said...

you should write romance novels, it made a jaded bitter thing like me believe for a minute.