Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Lost

Kanye West is lost. Who the hell does he think he is that he can speak for everyone. I think his behavior was completely inappropriate no matter what he thought about the results of the award. He offered an apology on his blog but who the F cares. Nigra you know you were wrong and if you can't see that you were wrong even when the muscles in your flat ass started to move to get out of your seat then you really gotta problem that requires intense psychoanalysis.

That's all I'm saying his behavior is not worth any future comment. See his weak ass apology by clicking the link below


Oh yeah!!! Beyonce gets KUDOS for her grace and generosity in giving Taylor her time. I guess the country girl does have some class and I'm glad to see it. Much respect to Beyonce!!!


Chet said...

You know what is funny about the whole thing? Now the young country girl is a household name and Kayne's name is mud.

deonte' k said...

I totally agree man.... Kanye West is a MESS!!!!!

And Beyonce is my girl... love her!