Sunday, December 27, 2009

Missing Grandma

I'm missing my Grandmother sooooo very much.

She taught me that anything that I want is mine. She loved all of us very much and her lesson was always that all my needs are already done.


Corey Keith said...

I can imagine what you feel this holiday. My grandmother, as detailed a little on my blog, has cancer and the thought of not having her with me is heartbreaking. This clip hit home.

D-Place said...

Thank you is a hard thing...that somehow you manage to deal with. Just sometimes it hits you and you yearn to hear her voice or just have her touch you.

Eduardo Guize said...

She's there with you.

The other day I saw a picture of my grandma at my aunt's and I was shocked cause I hadn't seen her or any picture of her for four years maybe. And she was looking straight to the camera, with her sharp eyes, like saying: "so you really thought I was gone? poor fool, I'm taking care of you all".

Chet said...

Brotha D; I know that missing a love one can be painful, but try and remember the joy your Grandma brought to you and your family. Celebrate her love, cherish the memories.

Everything is gonna be alright, while you are trying to figure it out a Higher Power as already worked it out.

D W JazzLover said...

I catch myself quoting my Grandmother almost daily!What a wise woman she was..
Thanks for this post.