Friday, January 29, 2010


There is a cycle to any change. So lets say that someone feels love then finds out that the other doesn't love them..then that's the change that takes place and it's the dealing with the change that is difficult for individuals to manuever.

The 6 stages to the Change Cycle include:
1. Loss: Feeling of Fear, Thoughts are cautious, Behavior is paralyzed.
2. Doubt: Feeling of resentment, thoughsts are skeptical behavior is resistant.
3. Discomfort: Feeling of anxiety, thoughts are confused, Behavior is unproductive
4. Discovery: Feeling of Anticipation, Thoughts are creative, Behavior is energized.
5. Understanding: feeling of confidence, thoughts are pragmatic, behavior is productive.
6. Integration: Feeliing of satisfaction, thoughts are focused, behavior is generous.

The better you get at change the quicker you go through the 6 stages. The dangerous thing is that many people spend too much time between stages 3 & 4 which cause them to become stagnant and sometimes start back at stage 1.

The key is believing that you can get through the change.
A friends mother told me...there are 3 stroms of life...A storm is coming, your in the middle of storm, or coming out of one. Get yourself to get through these stages as quickly as possible. You'll be a lot better equiped to handle change without it affecting you adversely.
You'll observe in your own life that these stages of change happen in every change of your life.


Eduardo Guize said...

wise words

Anonymous said...

I hope this feeling never happens but this is true when you start relationships - the love may go. Change is inevitable and I hope if I am faced with this position to get through the stages as quickly as possible. Hurt is never good.


Wise, wise words...

Chet said...

D has someone broken your heart recently? I certainly hope that all is well with you, and that you aren't in any of these stages or storms.

I've been hurt so many times in my life that there has got to be more stages than six, seriously I try to refrain from any of this pain, and the only way I can identify when this happens is shock.

I will keep a copy of this and refer to it when experiencing turbulent times. Thanks.

D-Place said...

Thanks guys.

I just used love as an example because everyone can relate to that. But really this is in relation to any type of change be it a job, move, or new dry cleaners. heart hasn't been broken in years thankfully.

Anonymous said...

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Creole Boi said...

Very insightful.

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

Great Words Love that

Ian Black said...

Lol its hard to read this bc its so true