Sunday, April 08, 2012

Corporate Slavery

It's happening and it's not as subtle as it used to be.  It's just more calculated.  It came on quickly. I can tell it's something that happens in the rooms where we are not invited.  It happens when we walk away from out desks.

 I gotta think about this.  I gotta think what to do.  I gotta think…

They are after me now.  I gotta think.

Why are Black people  letting this happen again?  Didn't our leaders of the past work themselves to death and were killed so that we wouldn't have to change who we are?  Weren't we good enough just the way we were?  What happen to cause us to change our demeanor and the way that we speak just because we walked into that Corporate office?  Hmmm reminds me of Slavery Days when we pasted big smiles on our faces and and held our heads a little low so that we weren't looking them straight in the eyes.

Comments like, "You're very passionate" are not compliments.  "You're emotional" is just another way of saying that you are unstable.  "The way you say things can be viewed as offensive." In other words I don't like you being direct.

Now that that's been drilled into you over and over again the comments are:   You're not engaged, You don't seem happy, Do you think you're being a team player?

Black people….what do you think you need to do?  Many of you don't know because the leaders that fought and died for our equality didn't teach you how what the fight was really all about.  Didn't teach you that we have strength that could sustain us for hundreds of years.  Don't think just because you're educated that your accepted.  Don't think because of civil rights and diversity initiatives that you are save. The world is getting smaller and Black people need to realize that.

The jobs that we fought for are now being done by consultants from foreign countries and sometimes completely moved to other countries.  Think about the the calls you make to customer service.  Most times you're not getting someone in Idaho but in India or the Philippines.

We gotta think..what's going to sustain us?   Not the handouts of Diversity programs that do not sustain those it employes.  We gotta think….what's our next move?


Lesbian Brooklynite said...

Man, I am so here with you. I have been giving a lot of thought to some of these things lately too.

We must stand up for our selves.

Chet said...

It is time that we all take a stand, yes it isn't easy but it must be done.

Anonymous said...

What's our next move?

The black collective is in disarray. Collapse really. Our (mis) leaders (Rev. Al "HC" Sharpton, Rev. Jesse "baby daddy" Jackson, etc.) are obsolete.

You need come up with your own answers and then tell us about it. At this point, it looks like every man for himself.


Anonymous said...

'HC' stands for "Hot Comb".


D-Place said...


You're right Ed we have to come up with our own answers but the answer I believe is not to rely on corporate america and start our own stuff. I know that's my goal.