Sunday, July 28, 2013

Experience the Intellectual Side of Brothers

Hello All,

This organization needs your support!

This was a great event last year and looks to become increasingly better.  With its small grassroots beginning and the brainchild of a couple of black sgl book clubs that didn't feel they would be represented in a more mainstream Black book conference, you will surely find value in what they are offering.
Check out the website below for more details.  If you can't attend and simply would like to lend your support by donating the donation link.

The main theme of the this years Literary Soul Symposium (LSS) is “Living Authentically: Developing Extraordinary Characters” followed by relevant sub themes that cover a wide range of developmental issues and challenges.  This theme sends a very personal message throughout the GLBTQ Community that loving oneself  while unapologetically developing your own character is essential in the journey called life. 

 2013 2nd Annual Literary Soul Symposium

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