Monday, August 14, 2006

Cell Phone Beatdown!

I haven't been blogging for awhile and was getting close to getting back into the swing of things. However, I wanted to wait until I had some positive things to say. Screeech goes the brakes on finding something positive for a moment. I gotta express my feelings on this topic.

I went to a seminar this past weekend that offered many breakout sessions on different topics that effect Black Men. We enjoyed a continental breakfast, conversation and were just about to hear a couple of speakers. It felt like it was going to be a really nice Saturday morning.

I sat at the table with a few people some I knew and some I didn't. Just before the program began a guy about 25 years old, thinking he's the IT girl but looks a steaming hot mess sits down at our table. He flops down right next to me and says absolutely nothing. So I turned to him spoke and told him my name. He responded in kind. As the program started IT got a phone call. Of course whenever anything like that happens everyone in the room turns around to see who forgot to turn the cell phone off.

Well most normal people would just turn off the phone once they realize that they hadn't already. Not this steaming hot mess. He answers the phone and starts talking. Talking in his normal speaking voice. All at our table seemed annoyed and looked at him. Again a normal person would have ended the call he didn't until a few minutes more. After that episode we went on to the rest of the day of seminars until Lunch time.

After the morning sessions it was lunch time. We all pretty much sat at the same tables from the morning. I actually was not even thinking that IT would be on the phone again after the looks he got at breakfast. During the entire lunch no cell phone. As we listened to the final speaker of the day IT decides to make a phone call.

I had had enough, so I turned to IT and said will not you get on the phone please. You are disturbing everyone at the table who is trying to listen to the speaker.

IT: You know there are plenty of other places to sit in here.

ME: Then move!

IT: I'm not moving no damn where and I'll get on my phone if I want to so why don't you just turn around and mind your business.

IT really doesn't know who he's dealing with and that shyt raised my blood pressure to burst. Without even realizing it I tried to snatch the phone from his hand at the same time saying...

ME: Get off the phone!

IT: You are not going to take my phone from me! I will not let you do that.

Thinking to myself. Man you are not this queens daddy.

ME: I apologize for grabbing at your phone, I shouldn't have done that. But you don't need to be on it. You're disturbing the rest of us at this table.

I then turned back. IT said nothing. Moments later IT slithered out of the room.

I was fuming at the nerve of him and at myself for loosing control. Thank God I was able to catch myself though cuz what I felt myself doing was not talking to this fool. But rather grabbing him by his neck and beating him with that dayum phone.

After the lunch I walked right over to IT and told him that I wanted to speak to him.

IT: I wish you wouldn't.

ME: Maybe so but I need to say something to you. Again I apologize for grabbing at your phone I shouldn't have. However, what you were doing was inappropriate.

IT: I was making a 911 Emergency call.

ME: Then you should have taken the call outside the room. If it was a emergency call you were making then why are you still here?

I just walked away cuz I didn't want IT to get my pressure up again especially with there being more room in the lobby for me to lay his ass out!

People neither of our behavior was appropriate. Avoid this type of situation by turning the cell phones off in some situations.


Frederick Smith said...

That would have worked my nerves too. Sometimes the "kids" act like they never had parents or home training. Good thing you were there to provide some guidance. Otherwise, I'm sure IT never would have thought twice about ITS behavior.

The nerve!?!?!?

Terrence said...

That was rude of IT.

And your Leo modesty is shining through. That was very respectful of you.

I have been in meetings where the speaker actually stopped speaking and said, "Let's hear what he (or she) is talking about," in regards to a person talking on the cell phone. The place gets quiet, the person leaves out of the room, the seminar or training resumes, then the person comes back and apologizes later.

Sometimes I am astounded by the rudeness of people and their cell phones. Clueless, apathetic and discourteous.

It's easy to peg them as attention-seekers because something is lacking somewhere else.