Friday, August 11, 2006

Stress Headache

Well I thought I would be back in full force blogging again...but I have been really stressed at work. Hardly anyone is allowed to take any vacation right now due to this global project that will be implemented on Sept. 5th. Yeah Labor Day, so that might be a holiday that I won't get to enjoy.At any rate, I thought I would share this commercial that I found. It's for Excedrin. Just what I needed to get me through another day in the office. I think many of you will want to buy this product too. Get it before it's all sold out!!!



Bmore Dogg said...

Damn. I get those kind of head aches too. Imma get me some of that Excedrin RT. The white folks at work are gonna love me from now on. hee hee.

virgin Ho (Also v.Ho) said...

I have those kind of headaches myself. More from stress and all that other bs. Thanks for the link and cool blog you got here.


DivineLavender said...

Oh Hell yeah, where can I buy that?

Marz said...

HAPPY BIRThDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

(sorry it took so long, it's been plaguing me all day, but...chile we won't go there. LOL)


virgin Ho (Also v.Ho) said...

Thank you again for visiting my blog brotha. Wade is something fine. I don't think he would let a TOP top him. He might swing on yo ass! lol.