Sunday, June 24, 2007

Things you may not know about me.

I just felt like sharing some things about myself. Since I don't normally talk about myself and I think I need to get better at doing that. Here are just a few things about me. Now how do you bring things like this up in normal conversation. I just don't know.

1. In High School I ran in the Semi Finals of the Junior Olympics. (At the time it was the 100 yard dash...Now 100 meters. Guess that's a hint to my age..hee hee) I didn't make it to the finals because my blocks weren't tight enough and they slipped at the start. I thought the ref was going to call a false start but he didn't. I ended up getting 3rd place. They were only take 1st and 2nd to the finals. :-( I'm still scarred by this event.

2. The painting on my blog to the right. Looking Out For My Brother was painted by yours truly. I don't paint very often at all. I guess it takes too much energy. All the different shades of brown and black in my paintings are representative of all the different shades of African Americans.

3. When I was young I wanted to be one of the Carrol Burnett dancers. There was only one black male dancer on her show. He was the only one that I would watch, and think. I can do that!

4. I won 1st place in the Real Men Cook contest here a few years ago. I made a casserole. A white female chef gave me her card wanting my recipe so she could put it in a book she was doing. I never called her because she mentioned nothing about paying for it. I wasn't having that. Her whole approach to me was suspect. She sort of slipped me her card and whispered her question to me.

5. I've always wanted to start an ethnic men's fashion magazine and also a nightclub where you could go and hear good live music, have a drink and a little something soulful to eat. Those are still dreams I have that may one day come true.

6. I'm terrified of birds. Long story...but it involves a rooster. How ironic that I love to eat chicken..hahaha

7. If I could ask for any gift from God I would ask for the gift of singing. I ache when I hear someone that sings well. And what is that thing with people that sing well, that only sing under certain conditions? I would sing anywhere and everywhere. If I was in an inappropriate place to sing I'd be humming at least.

OK 7 is one of my lucky numbers so I'm stopping here.


Terrence said...

Wow D, you have been holding out. I didn't know you were a painter. I knew you liked artwork - particularly black artwork - but you are good.

Also, I don't blame you for not giving that cookbook woman the time of day. Create your own cookbook. If you received first place for a Real Men Cook festival, you got skills.

I ran track and Cross Country. Came in last almost every race. Just kidding, damn near last.

Corey Keith said...

I also ran track and finished last in almost every race.

Omar Ramon said...

I was never a runner..i was never much of an athlete at all...funny how little mishaps in competitions can change the always have that creepy embittering "what if?" in ya head *sigh*

your painting is fly as a kite. I love it,man, KUDOS.

I love birds...i used to have dreams about flying...i sketch wings all the time...hmm

singing IS a fly gift. I literally go crazy when i lose my voice or otherwise am restricted from singing... I'm constantly humming, i even associate people's voices (and other random noises) with music..if your voice isn't appealing to me in a melodic sense , it's harder for me to speak with you for too long.Folk say they can tell i'm a singer from the way I speak.

There are certain conditions under which it can be harmful to your voice to sing. Cold climates or in air conditioned rooms, in dry places etc. It actually hurts fun at all.

Mr. Jones said...

I casually jog at the gym and around the city. I admire runners. Sprinters or long doesn't matter.

I played play football and lacrosse in high school. I tried soccer, but didn't have the footwork for it.

I admire cooks too. And singers, to be honest.

BronzeBuckaroo said...

You have talent. That picture is fantastic. You know, I have that same dream of starting my own magazine or owning my own publishing house.

You are pretty much a Renaissance man in so many ways. I believe you can sing!

Joseph said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your painting. AND I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what the different shades represent. Oh D... Me thinks you should paint more often. (Please!) And I also shared your start a magazine. That's three of us (U, me, Buck)! Two more people and we can get the ball rollin'.


blkbutterfly said...

i agree... you are quite the Renaissance man!

love the painting! the most i can do is paint by the numbers. ;-)

smart move not giving the woman your recipe. she seemed extra shady.

D-Place said...

Thanks for the compliment on my painting everyone! Not many people see my stuff and you all made me feel really good! I'm trying to get in the mood to do more.

Joseph, Why do we need 2 more people...Let's get it going! LOL

Anonymous said...

When are you starting my self-portrait. I figure we can hang it in the foyer when I move in.

kennyking78 said...

I should punch you in the face for keeping the information about the painting yourself!!! I had been feeling that painting ever since I started coming to your blog. I thought it embodied the essence of your lil' spot on the Internet!

You can't sing? hahaha! I bet you let 'em have it in the shower though!!!!

This was the cutest post! Thanks for sharing.